more zoom plz

I really like the look and feel of this game. The graphics are looking really nice on my pc, especially the spell effects, fire, lightning etc.

I really like pretty much everything in this game. Two things are driving me nuts though. Well playing as a ranger the lack of more zoom out, more screen space is just weird. I can't believe you guys thought this was okay! Seriously when a mobs run at me, it reaches me in like 1 sec do to such a small field of view.

The minimap I hate, I wish you would just have lines as your map border instead of the wierd red and blue graphic you have.

Other than that I think it's cool

The zoom thing is part of the challenge, if it zooms out further being ranged becomes too easy.
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Personally, I don't see the problem with how far out you can zoom. Though a way to extend the range you can see in the caves would be brilliant. Something similar to the light radius from D2.
I wouldnt mind a slight increase in zoom range but not a lot. Its limited for design reasons and I understand that.

But I would totally support Light Radius increase on items like Diablo 2.
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i would also prefer to be able to zoom out just a little more.

cant a range be added to the bows/spells etc that needs it?
Theres no point in any more zoom.
Different users see different levels of zoom, depending on their resolution.

Some users are quite far away, and other users barely see more than the top of their character's head.

In order to test this, you can play the game in windowed mode and then drag to reduce the vertical window height turning it into a widescreen ratio... which has a very far zoom.
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I was wandering could the zoom be adjusted to a zoom like in warcraft 3 where it actually can be seen in a 3rd person view and you can see everything in the distance?

I think that because it has instancing graphically it could be done.

It would severely help rangers on the zoom in because its quite full on with the current zoom.

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Slightly more zoom out would be a nice touch. Most modern isometric rpgs have it. The player character seems slightly too large (to me at least). More zoom would also allow for more tactics when dealing with large groups of monsters, especially for ranged classes.
Hmm, maybe I'm just so used to games having alot of zoom. Heck even MMO's such as Aion or WOW have a crazy amount of zoom. I think an Arpg well this is dubbed an MMO should at least have the option.

But like a poster stated maybe the game is designed this way, but I still don't like it. It just seems to damned small, I really want to see more and I feel boxed in, so that has really turned me off.

If the zoom was fixed I would definelty be into playing alot. I know it's crazy that one detail will keep me from playing, but its my time and with such a small amount of screen real estate I won't be staying.

I play 1920x1080...

I'm no diablo fanboi, but will be sticking to that as of now.

BTW- The game is gorgeous,best graphics for this type of game I've seen. Inventory is not that great. Skills based on slotting weird but doable.

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