low life viper strike

i want to make a low life viper strike build is this possible? i have a 6link shavs
Last bumped on Oct 2, 2017, 7:50:44 PM
yes im lvling 90 and doing it right now with a 6link shavs its awesome, i just slayed piety lvl 77 with -resitances within a few second solo, and the acedemy boss is no probelm either
auras i use herald of ice and ash, hatred, discipline, and wrath and then 6link viper with melee splash-added chaos-multistrike-increased crit damage-and melee physical damage, then linke spec throw with powercharge on crit-increased crit damage and lmp
Did you give up on this build? I'm really interested if it worked decently. Can you post a tree and gear recommendations for it?

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