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Last bumped on Jul 2, 2020, 9:28:41 AM
Using this on a slow 2 hand build. It is probably my favorite skill addition to the game in a long time. I have it set up with cast on melee kill and shock nova on my Templar static strike build. I just constantly have fireworks going off all round my character. Planning on adding life leech and ice nova to the setup.
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Does anyone know what quality does for this gem?
You know the combo : CWDT + enduring cry + enduring cry + enduring cry to improve your survivability ?

Here come another beast combo to improve your healing ability : Vengeance + Vengeance + Vengeance + Life gain on hit (or Life leech).
A variation : Same but one less Vengeance and improve aoe instead.
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does vengeance work with cwdt?
do multiple vengeances socketed, proc separately?
do multiple vengeances work with cwdt?
does vengeance work with multistrike?
Darkfyre wrote:

does vengeance work with multistrike?

tried it, doesn't.
Daiop wrote:
You know the combo : CWDT + enduring cry + enduring cry + enduring cry to improve your survivability ?

Why would you link three ECries to CwDT? It's a global cooldown.
Similarly, three Vengeances would only be marginally beneficial because they're technically not a 100% trigger.. But the moment one triggers, they're all on cooldown.
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The quality increases chance to proc.

But it has a set cooldown of 1.2 sec! If it's supposed to be a damage skill with such severe cooldown and damage effectiveness reductiom it is barely noticable even in a six-link. It doesn't work with any kind of attack speed. So is it like stun-related defensive skill? But you'd stun enemies with your normal attack anyway. And how viable is it to leech life is a big question with such proc time it may lose out to like a molten sheel + LL under CwDT.

I don't get it.
Last edited by demon_progress on Dec 15, 2014, 11:17:37 PM
Or you can use it as an extra layer that procs in addition to molten
still waiting on an answer to whether vengeance works with cwdt :| ??

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