Has anyone noticed if Life Gain on Hit does in fact work with this? I have it linked and it says it should but I have not noticed any life gain when it goes off and hits packs of enemies.
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Decent idea, however I feel the implementation is underwhelming. It seems to be meant for 2H builds relying on unwavering stance to maximize the number of hits in melee. My build is exactly this, Res tech + unwavering + static strike running in a doomsower with vengeance as a utility link.

I've tried vengeance in 3 ways:

1) Curse-on-Hit + Curse - In general the curse does not apply that often. You have the advantage of running a high level curse unlike in codt but the aoe and proc rate of the vengeance are too low for satisfaction. I am often killing the mobs near me before it even goes off, wasting the activation since most of the mobs are already dead. In order to make this more viable, I suggest higher aoe or proc rate.

2) Endurance Charge on Stun + Stun - It's worse than enduring cry by a lot more than the autocast can justify. Again, proc rate is too slow for good charge generation and it doesn't work as well as any other method we have now.

3) LGOH/Leech + Damage - Immortal call and flasks save me way more than an extra bit of health every second or so. In general it is not effective for sustain in tough fights and in all other scenarios it contributes nothing.

So in conclusion the current numbers of vengeance are too weak. Feels like it would work better in pvp where players are attacking often and quickly. In PvE the proc rate and aoe need to be increased. Feels like you are punished for making a good build, if you can stun mobs due to high damage and clear them quickly it's basically dead weight. Even CODT links on a strong clearing build (bow, wander, dagger) will proc fairly often.

30% proc rate is not enough to reliably accomplish the goals in PvE, probably because a single mob's attack speed is too low and the only situation where it procs a lot are when you are already swarmed in mobs and are in a tough spot.

In addition, the coverage is too low. I attach increased AOE to my vengeance and the range is still very small. For example if you were to run a sweep build you would not even be in range to hit anything with vengeance if it ever procs.

Skills it needs to match up to:

Vaal Spectral Throw - Similar uptime, the amount of them you can throw in a map is similar to the vengeance uptime, approximately once every 2-3 white packs. You chuck one when a pack gets hard, vengeance usually only activates in these times since the mobs actually have a chance to hit you enough times. Range is way higher and it scales off your aspd so the delay is not bad.

Leap Slam - attaching end. charge on stun or curse on hit means you get travel and also utility comparable to vengeance. You don't really miss out during the application time since you can leap into the pack. Base aoe is about the same and you get to control it perfectly too.

Codt - easy enough to get an ice nova with a high level curse to hit everything. Almost 100% applies on everything and procs constantly too. A level 5 enduring cry generates charges faster too.

Self-cast - Highest coverage obviously. Even with no improved cast times a melee character can probably get these off before he can expect vengeance to proc similar effects.
Vengeance + Knockback = solution for dead zone in shocknova.

Trying this now. looks promising but needs more testing.
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To answer the previous question, CWDT does not make Vengeance trigger. Vengeance needs to trigger itself.

I've only been using it over the last couple of days but am finding it very useful to assist in my leveling of a slow 2H static strike build. My gear is not great (i.e. lack of sockets in armour) so I've only got it linked to an added fire damage gem but essentially I'm using it as an additional layer of protection right now to help break the attacks of enemies, particularly Rogue Exiles and continuous casters like voidbearers.

Yes, CWDT is going to be a stronger option but I still haven't had one of those drop for me.

For now I can leap slam into a mob, raise my endurance charges through a charge on stun gem, wail away with my static strike and Vengeance has my back. It's also added free damage when face tanking bosses and because I'm using a high damage weapon the impact is noticeable. I just face tanked Dominus and didn't raise a sweat.

I would however recommend that anyone using Vengeance is also employing Resolute Technique. The Proc frequency is already low enough that you don't want to waste it by missing your target when you swing.

It will be interesting to see how it continues to perform in higher levels. Initially I was also skeptical about the low proc rate but so far I'm pretty happy with it. Only if you have the spare slots though and nothing better gem wise to use.

Edited to add:

Still leveling and happy to stick with Vengeance for now. It's fun to stand in the middle of a mob while they take themselves out with Vengeance :) Now my gear has upgraded a bit and I have more slots I've realised one huge advantage which is that Vengeance has a zero mana cost. This means you can link it with whatever support gems you like and it's all free, because 150% of zero is still zero. Right now I have mine linked to Added Fire Damage, Melee Physical Hit, and Life Gain on Hit.

I'm also finding it useful with all the critters that like to jump on your head as they tend to do so in packs and this almost guarantees that Vengeance will trigger.
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My Character is working around duration and now when i have all six duration nodes it doesn´t seem like my vengeance skill pop as often?

Is this just me or should the skill work like that?
It seems to me that Life Gain on Hit does not work with Vengance. I have tried it with Reckoning and there it works.
I still can't get Life Gain on Hit to work with Vengeance. It would be nice to know if this is supposed to work or not.
Is no one reading this thread at all? I have posted about life gain on hit and vengeance in the gameplay forum as well but no answer from anyone. At least some people must have noticed this and it would be good for everyone's sake to know if this should or should not work. I mean, it must be the first thing that comes to mind to support Vengeance with life gain on hit.
It works fine. Took my VP/VRF Mara (-> zero Regen) down to 1k Life, went to Normal Mud Flats, got punched, received Life from Vengeance+LGoH.
Thanks for the answer. I have not gotten it to work yet so it seems I am doing something wrong here and will have to do some more testing. Just to be sure, the life was recovered instantly and did not come from life leech?

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