[3.12] Enki's Arc Witch - a beginner & SSF-friendly Lightning Caster NEW UPDATE

Cool, I will be playing on xbox. How did you setup your keys?

mana regen is so gone having troubles alot.
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Sweet guide mate! This really gave me an easy leaguestart. As soon as i finished campaign and farmed my tabula ,got some scrap rares to cap res and a rare wand with some spell damage ,i mean..my most expensive piece of gear is the tabula and i have 65k ho tooltip dps. tier 1-2 bosses die within a few casts.this build is probably the best i've ever started with.thanks alot for this.i really enjoy playing it.
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can some1 help me with my actual POB?

im pretty stuck now.


Dingping wrote:
mana regen is so gone having troubles alot.

Hi, I'm having a lot of trouble too, i'm lvl 77 , sitting on ~3k life / ~3.5k mana, all resist capped,

But I'm having a really hard time with large mob pack, and mapping overall. I'm clearing up to Tier4 at the moment.
PoB says I'm around 150k (Sirus A8) DPS , but I'm not relly feeling it.

(my PoB: https://pastebin.com/z83dgkhh )

Because of MoM & The Agostic keystone, if I have any DoT or getting touch , my mana is completely depleted and I need to run like hell not to die (and to wait for my mana to replenish)

I wonder if bone offering & Mana Drinker are that mandatory to have a clear gameplay , because casting desecrated + bone offering every 10 sec is quite a pain in the ***.

It take quite a lot to unlock the "triggered socket spell".

Someone can post a gameplay video (not just boss kill, but mapping will be appreciate) , to see how this character should be played ?

Thanks in advance
What mana flask are you using?

You need concentrated eternal at the beginning. Use up your alts until you get it.

Also keep in mind that you don't want to spam it mindlessly; wait until after 2-3 casts then activate the mana flask.

Use the defensive flasks before you cast, cast arc 2-3 times, then use mana flask. You'll have to get used to the rotation.
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Aldonés wrote:
leopard2lx wrote:
Can Arc be swapped with Clacking Lance? Or would that require more modifications to the build to work properly?
Read the guide before asking questions. Questions answered in the guide are already annoying enough, and yours is literally the first thing in bold letters.

Unfortunately for you, your response makes you look pretty stupid since when I posted my question, the statement in bold about CL did not exist. But carry on...
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Hey the PoB isnt working:)
Note: keep in mind if you want to cast both desecrate and offering at the same time you will need arcanist brand! I figured this out the hard way. xD

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