[3.12] Enki's Arc Witch - a beginner & SSF-friendly Lightning Caster

@zeroDeeps: Hey there! The pros of going lowlife would be a potentially higher total hitpool, more auras and more damage (which can be deadly towards reflect, unless going Elementalist).
The cons are, you can't use either MoM, Coil or dualwield weapons, since you will want a shield. And it would obviously cost more, getting all these highend ES pieces together.
Still waiting for much need Selfcast buffs and Elementalist rework.

Witch masters do i get to my hideout i get only Catarina and have no idea who next.
@Dawbra: Get Elreon, he allows you to refine jewelry with some useful mods such as res, life or mana regen, has a good daily currency deal and sells you -x flat mana cost reduction jewelry, which is very useful for future playthroughs.

Once you have enabled Zana, replace Elreon or Catarina with her if you don't happen to have a Lv5 Hideout by that time. She gives you a free map as daily quest, and sells additional maps at a usually reasonable cost.
Still waiting for much need Selfcast buffs and Elementalist rework.

Hey, thanks for you input from before, I followed most of your suggestions and now my gear looks like this. I have not bought the vinktar's flask yet, or the helmet or amulet upgrade so those are my next things. I am currently capped on resistances with my mailis (couple resistance shy on cold but endurance charges caps me with one charge so i'm gonna try to get a resist all helmet. In the passive tree, since I just hit 80 i'm working on your last couple of passive nodes and was wondering in what order to take them? Power charge> cold damage> jewels?

I'm about to attempt to do merc lab (been putting it off) and was just wondering (I currently have 50 chaos) if there is anything that I can replace before I try to do merc lab.

Also, should I corrupt mali's? Replacing my gloves with mali's was a nice 2k dps increase, but cost me quite a bit of life and energy shield. Currently at 4430 and 885 respectively.

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@vladimars: You can probably get a better amulet with higher life and some mana, but rest of gear should be good enough for merc lab. If you can afford buying a new pair of malis if they turn rare, then go for corrupting, else don't.

On the tree, go for what you think helps you the most at that point. With good jewels, it's usually good to get those sockets first since jewels = life.
Still waiting for much need Selfcast buffs and Elementalist rework.

Hey enki, ive been playing this build for a while and i know there was an occultist (i think) version of this before, where you also took whispers of doom and ran assassins mark. I generally enjoy it mroe to automatically sustain power charges, so assassins mark would do that trick after the initial max power charges generated with orb of storms. SO my question is, is there any way to adapt this build so that i dont have to drop orb of storms after every 12 secs (max power charge duration atm.)?
Hi, thank you for this build. It´s been my most enjoyable character so far.

I made a noob mistake and corrupted my +80 Life rare helmet, it wasn´t any good afterwards... so I looked for something to replace it and thought about Mind of the council, could it work? It seems useful.

Here is my gear:

I´m saving for a vinktar´s flask right now but I´m not sure what to go for next. I mostly play self found but I don´t mind trading for a significant upgrade.
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@Emenemer: Only options you got there would be using the PCoC gem on Arc, probably as replacement for Controlled Destruction, or if you are super wealthy Skyforths, which would also probably require to switch gloves for something with resistances and life.

@smashcreep: While i think Mind of the Council has a cool concept, it doesn't work that well for this build due to CotB. The MoM part for lightning damage seems to be meant to cut down reflect, but since we focus more on cold damage for freezing, it's not as effective.

So after Vinktar, i would suggest investing in a helmet with Arc enchantment and craft it until you get a good life roll and resistances. After that, maybe a more crit focused amulet and eventually a 6L chest.
Still waiting for much need Selfcast buffs and Elementalist rework.

@Enki91: Thank you so much for the response, it makes perfect sense. I´ll follow your advice!
I played this build in April, back when it was recommended to play as occultist. Now I revisit it to find that is has changed to elementalist. I understand the reasons (mainly reflect) but is orb of storms now the only way we gain power charges ?
That would be a huge downside for me since I'd have to constantly check charges and place orb into packs, while with occultist and dual curse I always have 7/3/3 charges, at least in maps with good mob density.
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