[3.12] Enki's Arc Witch - a beginner & SSF-friendly Lightning Caster

Since Cloak of Defiance will not be a good option in 2.0
What substitute chest would you recommend on standard right now?
Also, Is a Vall Stormcall a viable option to help with bossess?
Furthermore, I found that Herald of Thunder paired with Curse on Hit and Warlords mark, increases you survivability pretty well, grants a constant stream of Endurance charges and helps out with leech. What do you think


What do you think of this pathing?
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@Mama297: Cloak of Defiance will still be good in 2.0, as it gives huge flat mana and mana regen. Current substitute for 2.0 would simply be ES/Hybrid rare chests with Life, Mana and Resistances.
Belly or Coil would be great, but getting 5 off colours on them is nothing a beginner friendly guide should ever require.

If you find space for a VSC setup and think you need it, go for it. I personally never felt like needing a secondary skill for bosses, even with worse gear than i have now.

CoH Warlords Mark sounds interesting, but you will have to go dual curse or else the CwDt Enfeeble setup would constantly override it. Also, with moderate gear you'll get to a point where you kill everything before HoT could apply any curses. I'll experiment with Warlords Mark for 2.0 though, got some ideas i want to test with my gear.

I can't recommend that skill tree, you will simply not have enough mana/regen for both high lvl AA and MoM.
Still waiting for much need Selfcast buffs and Elementalist rework.

Thank you for your reply
Heres my gear right now, so far I am lvl 77 and am hitting 23k DPS with all powercharges.
How can I further improve my dps?

@Mama297: Easiest upgrade i can see would be an amulet with Crit Chance + Crit Multi (+ Spell Dmg if possible). Other upgrades, such as legacy Maligaros or a Lv4 Empower would be a bit more pricey and honestly not needed to crush through maps.
Getting Arcane Potency and Heart of Thunder at higher levels will finish DPS off.

For bosses, add Vaal Haste + Inc Duration into the unused slots of your Maligaros.
Still waiting for much need Selfcast buffs and Elementalist rework.

Arc has changed from 50% to 70% Effectiveness

Guys it's time to celebrate :D
Hey dude

Are you going to update this guide as soon as the new leagues/expansion start?
I'm very interested in this build for my first char in the new league.

Are we going to see a lot of changes? Is this build going to be stronger or weaker?

Thank you in advance for your feedback and keep up the good work!
@lazycalm2: I'll have to test a few different setups with my Standard gear to find the most optimal setup, so it may take a few hours after 2.0 goes live until i can update this guide.
You should be able to level a bit in the meantime, not very likely that much will change for the first few levels. One thing i can say for sure, i'll drop the 2x witch starter nodes on the right side and get there through Practical Application instead.

I've added a preliminary 2.0 changelog at the beginning of this guide with all current changes it will face. All this can of course change or be expanded over time, depending on how things develop in beta.

Currently i would say offense will stay similar/get slightly better for most people, just the very highend option of +1 Chest + Lv21 Arc + Lv4 Empower got nerfed as we can't run Empower anymore and thus lose the 7th chain on Arc.
Can't say much about defense yet. It currently seems to get weaker in current defenses (no AA, smaller mana pool, lower mana regeneration) but on the other hand will gain more Life and potentially new defenses (Acro/Phase Acro, maybe something else) which i'll have to try out.

Still waiting for much need Selfcast buffs and Elementalist rework.

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no mention of pledge of hands? a 6 linked pledge is a 7 link because it has built in lvl 30 spell echo.
anyone tested with this staff?
@Enki i know many guys asking you about Pledge of hands!I dont want a dps comparison (of course high rolled rares are always better) but the really great thing about Pledge is u can have both empower and life leech since u can have a 7 link..So i guess Pledge should be a good option for players that want better survivability over DPS..

I played this build i liked it really much but since so many changes are coming and most of people are talking about spellcaster Defences ill probably try out another build after 2.0 is out..

I liked your build it is a really fast map clearer i just feel after some time in the game that i want to try a low life build and a cold spell..But iam still undecided on this..

I though the build is lacking some survivability with empower and no life leech gem and that it will be nerfed in 2.0 since arctic armour changes plus the auras will be much more difficult to run...

What are your thought enki did u try this build in beta?
@kompaniet: Pledge of Hands, and why i'm not including it in this guide is mentioned in the FAQ.

@kompogiannitis: You can play whatever you want, i've also played other builds more than this during the last months ;)

I've tried the build in beta several times, but not under the current patch which brought some big changes. And honestly, i don't wanna level it again and again in beta, i'll leave the testing for when 2.0 goes live. To get a little clue about planned changes to the build, please read through the preliminary changelog at the beginning of the guide.
Still waiting for much need Selfcast buffs and Elementalist rework.

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