Guild Recruitment Channel: Global Chat #100

Lfg ign is galinday
LFG! I have a lvl 63 Marauder in Breach SC. This is the first league that I have played since the start of the league, and I am looking for a chill group of players to play with. Definitely looking to learn more about the game, and I feel like an active Guild would help and would add to the fun.

Experienced gamer, primarily with EVE online for over 8 years. My playtimes are roughly US EST from about 9pm to 12am. Have a mic, happy to chat. Really looking for some companions to enjoy the game with, both leveling and endgame.

IGN is Azoradan, current character is the same.
Level 91 std Berserker w/ 120% IQ and 240% IR looking for a guild to run 11+ Tier maps in a full party. Pls whisper me if you have an active guild that regularly parties for maps.
Looking for guild name is xAntharax

Looking for a guild to hang out with, chat, do content maps, labs, masters, etc., most of all to have fun!! Currently running flame blast totem build as my main ign _Thunder_Pickle_ lvl85 in Breach League. Fairly new to the game. Played MMORPGS and all different types of games for many years.
I'm sorry, if you were right I'd agree with you - Robin Williams

Looking for active guild.I have some experience about POE. I usally do maps and try to achive some challange and try to kill bosses too.I am 88 lvl right now.I use CwC Firestorm build. I play POE since beta.
Ищу пати/гильду на ск лигах. Хочу ток в общем-то общения и чтоб пати пользовалась преимущественно англоязычной версией игры. Каждую лигу вкачиваю по 5-7 персонажей, топовые уровни по лигам 92-93, выше чет муторно и скучно соло. Персонажи открыты в профиле.
IGN: autokillON

I recently got back into this game and wondered if there are any active guilds that are currently recruiting. I play on the London EU server and I do have a mic. If possible I am looking for a guild with 18+ members only. I am a semi serious player mostly playing for fun and trying new builds and failing at it. I still have a lot to learn about this game and will like to learn.
Hi pls add me. I am looking for a guild to join because I am lonely. IGN is UtherTheDoomBringer
I'm looking for a guild. IGN SumonerRo :)
Pls Add Me!

Thank you!

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