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<The Silver Claw> is a quite new guild on PoE. Our focus is more on the "Casual/Social" side and I am happy to help new players whenever I am online myself.

I regularly give out currency, or items to new players trying level their character this league. So new players are always welcome to the guild!

Even though our guild itself is quite small at the moment, our Discord is pretty active with 80+ members there.

If a more casual/social/friendly environment sounds like something you would like to be apart of, please look down below of contact information.

Discord Server:
My Discord: BouncyBoar#8614
My ingame name: XBouncyBoarX
United States

Age: 31

I'm new to the game, looking for help understanding some of the game's more complicated mechanics. It would also be great to have some people to play with. I'd love to make a support character but don't know anyone else playing this game. I'm quite addicted to this game at the moment, probably playing at least four hours a day.

Server: Washington

Level: 51 (Arch Witch)

IGN: Tahawus

Europe, Lithuania. Age 21 y/o.

Looking for a guild that accepts "newish" players into the guild and which is willing to teach the game mechanics. Currently I'm lvl 84 (not so new I guess, but still I can't really see myself as an intermediate). I'm playing Winter Orb Elementalist Witch, currently I'm mapping most of the time. My objective with my current character in this league would be to get to the Shaper. Still a long way to go but hopefully I'll get close to him.

Anjanathec is the characters' name, SheSaidSheWas16 is the account name (don't pay attention to the account name pls, created an account when I thought I wouldn't get into this game :D)

I'm playing quite frequently, 2 hours at minimum and able to play 8-10 hours at most. Even though I can play a lot, I don't consider myself as an hardcore or even a semi-hardcore player, because most of the time I won't play more than 3-4 hours due to work and other activities.

My Discord: Orphris#3336.
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Looking for Guild: Casual/Social/Friendly/Active
Reason for joining: Looking for a Community to play with
Time I am on: 8-10 hours a week
Server: London

Note: I dont have discord.
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Looking for a guild for 3.6 league as a casual player. i know the basics of the game, can play couple of hours after the patch. i assume i'm gonna play Caustic arrow deadeye or raider (can depend on the update changes, we'll see in a few hours)

turkey, age 32, steam,
discord not preferred

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Hey, I just got to level 80 on my arc witch. I'm still looking for a guild. My preference would be a guild that is active, social and helpful. I have discord.

IGN: Tahawus
Discord: Tahawus#2300

I am rather new to the community. Usually I do prefer to play alone, however after lvl 90, it seems that grinding is a bit too much to do it fully alone.

I am playing 2-3 hrs per day (sometimes a lot more). While I have Discord, I do prefer using TeamSpeak over it.

IGN: Arcopix

[InEvil] Intelligent Evil guild/group is gathering people to go all out in new Synthesis league.

We have players from Europe and Canada.
Both newcomers and veterans are welcome.

Official tread:
Our discord:
Mine discord id: f0rtem#1036
(found a guild but can't figure out how to delete post)
Yes, Poe needs an Auction House.
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I am new to the game, just started playing a few days ago.
I would like to join a guild that is new player freindly.


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