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<HADES> Guild Leader
House of Hades is recruiting. We are looking for players who want a cozy place to call home, and a place to ask any and all questions.
Apply at the following link:
New guy in game , need a guild to "learn" for now and teach in some weeks :) .

Start playing 2 days , im lvl 47 With.

Preferably EU guild , im Portuguese.
Hey guys! I'm finally starting to properly getting into PoE. I'm a causal aussie player looking for any active guilds!

Guild Name/Tag: Tyrs Paladium


Established guild of 12 Years, Launched 1/1/20 in POE! Get your start on the ground floor of this legendary guild for those 30 years of age and older!

Everyone knows everybody in Tyrs. We're A VERY ACTIVE medium sized guild but we run it tight knit. OLD SCHOOL GUILD and PROUD OF IT! Guild rules strictly enforced. NO DRAMA -- NO BS!

Official Forum thread:

Official Website:

STRICTLY ENFORCED NO DRAMA. Casual Friendly, Noob Friendly, Military Friendly. Great place for EXPERIENCED PLAYERS to play without all the elitism around every corner! Let's BUILD THIS TOGETHER!
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Hi, looking for a guild. I have been playing only for about a half of year, but did all content in softcore. I play about 15 hours per week, timezone UTC+2, mostly at evenings. Only leagues, not standard. Using discord, 25 years old. Trying to play at hardcore now, so would prefer a guild with hardcore players.

All Welcome English Speaking

Noob Friendly, Casual, Experienced

Small guild of 3 atm (offline)
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Looking for a guild, i'm EU currently lvl 84.

Character name FMLIldreas.

metamorph league.
Newish player that enjoys playing the challenge leagues, solo self found atm, played all sorts of ARPGS like diablo 1,2,3 and grim dawn. Currently learning a ton just looking for a social guild so I can just talk to people to make playing more enjoyable. Name in game: VanderLance
Casual player, main char lvl 71 so far, searching for a German or English speaking Guild with nice people that are fun to play with.

Focus should be on cooperative progression and fun, not best-possible endgame progress ;)

I'd be happy to hear from you! :)
Need guild with crafters in it . Willing to help others etc, do challenges

IGN= MetaExiles

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