Guild Recruitment Channel: Global Chat #100

NananaaaBatman and pancenka I sent you PMs, as my guild Tyrs Paladium is very interested! We are very friendly to the new or returning player. Military friendly.

ENFORCED NO DRAMA adult guild. No kids sorry! :) Casual is King here and we are all about the TEAMWORK. Old School guild here!!! 12 Years strong!!!

Do some research on us here:

Fill out an application here!

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New player Looking for a guild, (EU) im currently lvl 87. Main Char and lvl 40 Scion alt I have alot to learn still but willing to do.

Character name Miss_Tinial
metamorph league.
Level 94 Necro (Slave Drive Raise Spectre/Vaal Skellies). Pretty fully decked out awakened gems etc.

Very active, play most of the day at work on/off (9-5) and most evenings.

Looking for mature, friendly, semi-casual guild.

This is my first season ever playing PoE and I love it, but my WoW guild in PoE isn't very active so I'm looking for more people to play and shoot the shit with.

Still learning a lot but I've gotten Sirus, Shaper & Elder down

IGN: nandotech

metamorph league
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a semi new player and i just finished act 10 and started mapping and would like to join a guild to learn more and socialize
Hi all.

Looking for a guild.

I'm on EU server looking for some help and advices. Playing casually during the day.

I am level 89 and struggling a bit at the moment.

My IGN is RangedGerwyn.

League: Metamorph
Hi everyone,

I'm looking for a guild. Just starting the first maps. Trying to learn as much as possible but playing alone is a bit tough. Lvl 71 atm.

My IGN (guess it is the name of my character) is: _KEPLER_

League: metamorph

Thanks in advance
Hello, i am looking for Guild with friendly people :3 - IGN Ozixus

Just started this league, but picking up fast. Looking for a guild who can take in a new guy and would care to teach me more. I am very active hungarian guy, playing every night. lvl 89 necro currently, and getting into some new builds to try out. IGN PaprikasLangos

The brand new guild <This Mortal Coil> is recruiting players of ALL experience levels, and all classes. We are a casually hardcore guild, and take the attitude that the social aspects and aid that we are able to give to each other are more important than running maps non-stop. Running maps non-stop WILL be something we do, but only for those who are interested.

We are very small right now, with only two members, but I hope we can get more. There may be profanity used in guild chat, so if you are averse to that, please be sure to have your safe speech settings on.

Anyone 13+ is welcome, but I ask that no one fights. If people under 18 begin to cause problems then we will change the 13+ policy.

Thanks, and please give either myself or HappyDragon2011 a whisper. if you're interested in joining, or just want to know more.


(Metamorph league so far, but standard players are welcome too.)
They're cheap (I'm free)
Brand new guild start up The_Red_Dragons.

thread 2762858 for more info.

like brand new, its just me, who wants to help me out?

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