Guild Recruitment Channel: Global Chat #100

22yo, actively playing since Abyss, active mostly during league starts and mid-league usually, dedicated player, pushing for 36 last couple leagues.

Looking for ru\en (prefer ru) guild for a friendly communication, group play, challenges and dailys.

Playing LSC only
Daily player, about 2/3 hours day. started in 3.5 then stop for 1 years. playing for the most League annd when i fail to kill the end boss, i play standard.

Most build, all around 90 and 1 aurabot.

Eu Server
new player seeking guild . currently have an 80+ lev spectre build .

english speaking . PST evenings
Looking for a mature Guild
Play about 40 hours a week
Based in United Kingdom
Level 94 Maurauder, new to game so still have lots to learn

Message me in game or on here

83 fresh Juggernaut looking for mature fun guild. Playing daily.
2 lvl 90+. Looking for a mature guild on discord. Play 3 hours a day
lookin for a friendly guild
lvl 73 own duelist bladestorm build
lvl 63 ranger frost blades build
new player tierd of soloing the game and not spending money for stash tab
love to make friends and help others
usually go 4-5hrs daily
started march 2020
LF Mature Guild
Multiple High Characters
still have lots to learn ( never done anything endgame and i'm missing out!)
Playing on Cali server
would love to meet more friendly players
Looking for active guild that is for fun
US based player
I play 1 to 2 times a week
Would like to meet friendly players
Discord is a +

Looking for my first guild to play Heist with.
DM Me details here, I wont be logged in game till start of Heist probably so dont try to whisper.

Available hours: I'll be probably playing all nights for the first league days, then i'll slowly switch to regular schedule (daytime playing)
Timezone: (EU GMT+2)
Playing since: Essence
Played hours: 2400h on steam and like 500h on no steam.
Preference: Spanish (EU). But I have no problem with english.
Downside: No microphone, I can listen and I'm very fast typing so I hope it wont be a problem.
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