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Noob looking for guild. Just started toon. Any help would be appreciated.
Haven't played in roughly 1.5 years due to real life. Looking to come back for Heist and looking for a guild to enjoy it with.

Français bonne expérience de jeu, cherche une guilde/communauté Française afin de s'amuser avec des personnes de ma communauté.

Je joue en Anglais, connais relativement pas trop mal le jeu.

J'ai fais souvent des arrêts pendant les leagues car je joue seul depuis l'alpha.

Je recherche donc un groupe de personne qui veut dialoguer, conseiller, aider, farmer, rigoler etc...

Je ne demande ni stuff, ni compos. Juste de l'accompagnement.

Je suis resté deux ans dans mon ancienne guilde avant que celle-ci s'essouffle lentement jusqu'à ce que j'en parte cette semaine à cause de l'inactivité.

Me contacter ici en PM.

35 ans.
1k5 hours on steam / ++ on no steam.
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Looking to join an active guild with discord, I'm a chatter usually.

Been playing for quite some time off and on and my last guild just sort of died off.

Looking forward to getting back into the game.
Hello! Looking for a softcore guild with an active discord server and maybe interested in other mmorpgs, rpgs, and anime and manga.

My first league since Legion and I'll like to actually add some social aspects to my hobby of grinding and mid maxing lol.
Looking for a social guild. At this point I'm not exactly a new player, but I do not know everything about the game either. Mainly I'm looking for other players to talk with and occasionally do maps and such.
looking for a guild..not a new player and dont consider myself as experienced also.
New player, started in Harvest, looking for a casual guild for fun!
Currently a level 94 cyclone max block glad. Pretty well optimized. It is my third or fourth league, and my first time taking the endgame seriously. This is a lonely game without friends. Looking for some people to play with and mainly learn from.

Thanks all

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