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Hi, im currently Lvl93 Arc Necromancer and im looking for a casual guild to enjoy the game playing with some people instead of alone :(
Relatively new to the game, looking for an active casual guild.
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Looking for a Standard softcore active guild, i usually play around 50hours/week.
been playing poe on and off since Nov 13, 2013. I'm from Canada and i'm 30+ years old.

edit: you can PM me in game on my character name : EbolaCorona
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hello, im looking for an active guild that I can play with members. I generally play standard league. IGN: MerrdemCyclone
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bonjour de retour sur poe âpres 1 ans d'arrêt 44 ans connecter tout les jours
37 years old father and husband looking for guild for casual play,
currently Heist.

Prefer Polish guild but not necessary.
Looking for guild 30+ using discord.

IGN: Kiciolkus_Dominatus
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My IGN is: iI_RanGeR_Ii
I have read the charter.
I have not completed any challenges yet this league as I got a late start, but plan on completing as many as possible

Looking for a casual guild to play Standard Softcore.

IGN - AnnieAurabot

Im looking for a casual guild with at least 5 to 10+ active members.

Im 34 years old and single parent to my 8 year old son.
Euro timezone.
I play around 40+ hours a week.
Currently playing aurastacker.

IGN - Astcker
global 100 has been dead for weeks. Are there any guilds out there looking for a casual? Standard softcore IGN RubyRapier

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