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Guild Name/Tag: Intimidation

Guild Region: North America

Guild language: English

Guild League(s): HC Challenge Leagues

Guild Leader(s): LLeech

Current Number of Members: 10 at of the time of this post.

Official Forum thread:

Official Website:

Guild's focus: Building a community with an acceptance of new and older
players alike, a place to meet new friends, interact and or grind content

About Us: Intimidation used to be a guild with me and my close knit group
of friends, but as of late I have wanted to expand and create an actual guild
with a focus of what I stated above in the specified guild focus. We are looking
for mature people but also understand that some messing around is fine as long
as it is in good taste.

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Guild Name/Tag:[VOLKI]Den-GUILD
Guild Region: RU
Guild Language: Russian
Guild League(s): HC & HC Challenge Leagues
Guild Leader: bezivan
Current Number of Members: 34 (all active players)
Official Forum Thread:
Official Website: n/a
Guild's Focus: Fun, Social Interaction, Map Rotations, Challenge Leagues, Hardcore.
About Us: Набираем опытных бойцов POE! В гильдии собраны адекватные русскоговорящие игроки. Есть большой гилд-стеш, а также собственный тимспик канал. Гильдия не большая, но дружная.
Guild Name/Tag: Brazuk/BrAzuK
Guild Region: Brazil
Guild language: Portuguese
Guild League(s): Challenge League SC
Guild Leader(s): Botãozinho
Current Number of Members: 8
Official Forum thread:
Official Website: -
Guild's focus: Social and active gaming. The whole breach league content.

About Us: We are a Brazilian guild that is actually recruiting. We are active players who are willing to teach and to learn with anyone who speaks portuguese and wants to take path of exile seriously. We aim the quality, not the quantity, and its not a problem if you're new to PoE.
Guild Name/Tag: [BYZIÁ] Ktinobates <--- 38 GREEK Members/many active at the moment and growing up!

Its still showing 7 on your post :D
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Guild Name/Tag: [ÄSCEND] Ascension
Guild Region: Global
Guild language: English
Guild League(s): Softcore Standard League
Guild Leader(s): maxwolfie
Current Number of Members: 16
Official Forum thread:
Official Website: N/A
Guild's focus: All aspects of Path of Exile, provided it is in Softcore Standard League. We have a strong focus on casual, enjoyable play and developing and maintaining the social aspect of our guild.
About Us: We are looking for new and veteran players alike that are searching for a place to call home on Softcore Standard League. Our membership criteria is a little different to other guilds in that it is more focused around who you are as a person, rather than your skill, wealth or experience within Path of Exile.
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Guild Name/Tag: [OFR] OtsuRuFR's Guild

Guild Region: Europe

Guild language: French/Français

Guild League(s): HC Challenge Leagues

Guild Leader(s): OtsuRuFR

Current Number of Members: 1 at of the time of this post.

Official Forum thread:

Official Website:None

Guild's focus: Building a HC community with an acceptance of all, to interact, discover the game and or grind content together.
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Guild Name/Tag: [Raven] Velka's Ravens

Guild Region: Worldwide

Guild Language: English

Guild Leagues: Softcore (most in temp leagues but some Standard)

Guild Leader: WarcryLegion

Current Number of Members: 45ish

Official forum thread:

Website: None

Guild focus: Creating an environment of high-tier players to map at the top levels, tackle the hardest content, craft, and make a fortune each league. Velka's Ravens (many members and officers part of the old NUKE) is dedicated to only experienced players who can add to an elite community.

About us: We focus on getting the best. It's not all serious business of course, plenty of fun and games, but at the end of the day we are all about creating a pool of players who can all do content at the highest levels. Just because you meet our minimum requirements doesn't mean you'll be accepted! We look for people who can add to our community, not just those who have reached endgame for the first time and want to gain more experience.
Is it worth having a seperate section for Standard League guilds?

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