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Guild Name/Tag:Enigma
Guild Region: Doesn't matter all is welcome.
Guild language:English
Guild League(s):Standard/bestiary
Guild Leader(s): L0wkii
Current Number of Members: 11
Official Forum thread:N/A 4 now
Official Website: N/A 4 now
Guild's focus: To help each other and grow as a big team. Progress is key.
About Us:
Guild Name/Tag:Temporarily Alive [/ALIVE]
Guild Region:EU
Guild language:English
Guild League(s):HC Temp leagues
Guild Leader(s):DelzBackToSticks
Current Number of Members:11
Official Forum thread:
Official Website:
Guild's focus:HC Temp leagues. Teamwork and challenges together
About Us:Small guild that reformed from an old guild. We are active and play together a lot. We use Discord for communication. Everyone is welcome, new and old players. We got ppl releveling constantly and we got people farming uber lab as well as the normal map grinding and challenge farming.
Guild Name/Tag: (FATAL)ForsakenExiles
Guild Region: US
Guild language: English
Guild League(s): SC Temp Leagues
Guild Leader(s): pandullo28
Current Number of Members: 3
Official Forum thread:
Official Website:
Guild's focus: Progression/New Player Help/Mapping
About Us: Our guild members have become inactive and the guild is currently at a low point. If you would like to join anyone is welcome just PM me (pandullo28) in game. I would like to get our guild more active again. Anyone who is looking for help with POE can find it here. I've been playing POE since 2012. I'm not a pro by any means but do have a good understanding of the game and its mechanics. I enjoy helping out my fellow exiles in any way. Like minded people are most desired.
Guild Name/Tag: <bQLS> Bestial Quills
Guild Region: UK
Guild language: English
Guild League(s): SC Challenge Leagues
Guild Leader(s): Jookoo [EsteemPunk]
Current Number of Members: 2
Official Forum thread:
Official Website:
Guild's focus: Social, Trading, Helping
About Us: I started this guild as a way to easily talk to my friends and trade through the guild stash. Unfortunately, only two of us are still playing regularly so the need for these guild functions are gone. I would like to open Bestial Quills to other members of this community looking for a group of friendly players, experienced or not, looking to group up, trade, and just help each other out.
Guild Name/Tag: Kiwi Guild
Guild Region: EU
Guild language: English, Finnish
Guild League(s): Bestiary
Guild Leader(s): neuromannysse
Current Number of Members: 1
Official Forum thread: -
Official Website: -
Guild's focus: semi-serious fun and casual grinding
About Us: We are followed by kiwis! No other requirements. :)
Guild Name/Tag:(F3v3r) Fever
Guild Region: mostly NA
Guild language: US
Guild League(s): Bestiary,Hardcore Bestiary
Guild Leader(s): Axle
Current Number of Members: 97
Official Forum thread:
Official Website:
Guild's focus:Casual/Social
About Us: We are a nearly 10 year old multi-gaming clan with a lot of active members and several gaming sections Our members come from all over the world. We all try to make tournaments, game-nights and coaching-sessions happen if you would like to check out what were about be sure to stop in are discord and say hello thanks and i will see you there exiles
Will be updating this over the weekend.
Guild Name/Tag: Black Chaos Knights / BCK
Guild Region: EU
Guild language: english, german
Guild League(s): Bestiary
Guild Leader(s): UnholySven
Current Number of Members: 7
Official Forum thread:
Official Website: N/A
Guild's focus: currently league, social
About Us: Hi, we are an european guild with the focus on Teamspeak 3 and casual gaming. I prefer friendly people over 18 years old. We want some fun after work and maybe find some new friends. I accept even new player and can help guys learn something about PoE.
Last edited by UnholySven on May 6, 2018, 5:18:13 AM
Guild Name/Tag: The Ducking Paradise / •TDP•
Guild Region: EU
Guild language:English
Guild League(s): Temp Softcore (Incursion)
Guild Leader(s): Catharsis
Current Number of Members: 86
Official Forum thread:
Official Website: N/A
Guild's focus: Chat
About US: Group of PoE players that have been playing in the same guild since 2013
IGN: HarroGatesofHell
Last edited by Catharsis on Jun 1, 2018, 4:42:07 AM
Guild Name/Tag: [KITAVA] Children of Kitava
Guild Region: Oceanic / NZ Based
Guild language: English
Guild League:Standard + Any upcoming challenge leagues
Guild Leader: FΞΛRnz
Guild Leader’s Right Hand Man: Troyazza
Current Number of Members: 25+
Official Forum thread:
Steam Group:
Guild's focus: Help one another / Progress builds
About Us: We are a small Guild that is now looking to expand.
We're a chill, friendly, helpful guild, that is more community oriented.We're happy for new players or experienced players to join us and be apart of the community, whether its farming end game, build advice or item trading.
[KITAVA] My guild is looking for new people to join, you can find more info here->
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