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Guild Name/Tag: Crippling Depression
Guild Region: EU
Guild language: English
Guild League(s): SC Challenge League
Guild Leader(s): CheezusCrusty / @ÉlLuchaLibre (harvest)
Current Number of Members: 4
Official Forum thread: Crippling Depression
Official Website: Discord
Guild's focus: Team orientated game play for ages 18+, assisting each other with our combined game knowledge.
About Us: We try to be friendly and helpful, all here to have fun while grinding as a team.

Guild Name/Tag: Tyrs Paladium

Guild Region: Worldwide, English Speaking
Guild language: English
Guild League(s): Current League, Standard
Guild Leader(s): Manipulos (Ian), AandretheGiant (Guild Founder)
Current Number of Members: Established guild of 13 Years, Launched 1/1/20 in POE! Get your start on the ground floor of this legendary guild for those 30 years of age and older! Camaraderie 2nd to NONE.

Official Forum thread:

Official Website:

Guild's focus: NO DRAMA, SOCIAL, TEAM PLAY for ages 25+, Solo ok too but we focus on Team play and sharing game knowledge in game and on our guild website! And YES we have DISCORD and WEBSITE that we actually USE! We are VERY FRIENDLY.

About Us:

Tyrs Paladium is a decade-PLUS old guild with representation in multiple MMOs including DDO, Neverwinter, ESO, and GW2.

The POE branch is the newest and we are looking to grow this portion of the guild with like-minded players 30-70+ in age. NO DRAMA. LEGENDARY D&D camaraderie in honor of Gary Gygax and Dave Arneson, creators of D&D.

STRICTLY ENFORCED NO DRAMA. Casual Friendly, Noob Friendly, Military Friendly. Great place for EXPERIENCED PLAYERS to play without all the elitism around every corner! Let's BUILD THIS TOGETHER!
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Guild Region: EU + world
Guild language: English
Guild League(s): Current League (mostly) + Standard.
Guild Leader(s): maddingtonbear
Current Number of Members: 10
Official Forum thread:
Official Website:
Guild's focus: We help, we provide, we are family <3
What we do? Boss, map, blight runs.. late night tea parties, theorycraft and much more. Join our rescue group and have fun at PoE. Our most important goal is help new players to get in at PoE.

Our middle age is around 30+ - only rule you need to behave nice for everyone <3
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Guild Name/Tag: ARPG Addicts
Guild Region: NA/EU
Guild language: English
Guild League(s): Temp leagues
Guild Leader(s): Niblett
Current Number of Members: 30
Official Forum thread:
Official Website:
Guild's focus: Endgame/Crafting/Econ
About Us: Small group of core people playing together since 2012
In-Game Name: Nibllett
Guild Name/Tag: <†RF†> REFORGED
Guild Region: US
Guild language: English
Guild League(s): Challenge Leagues SC
Guild Leader(s): KaliexVentura & VaedousVentura
Current Number of Members: 4/30
Guild Profile:
Voice Chat: Discord (Required)
Official Forum thread:
Guild's focus: Bring other Active people together.
About Us: We are a dedicated small guild who's purpose is to enjoy playing Path of Exile, make friends and help others who may be newer to the game.
This wasn't updated by two years, why this is still sticked and why is it so bad made, no details like language etc on main page which just make it sad.
Guild Name/Tag: <DoEin> Disciples of Einhar
Guild Region: NA
Guild language: English
Guild League(s): Heist
Guild Leader(s): subwindow
Current Number of Members: 28
Official Forum thread:
Guild's focus: League start / leveling collaboration. Aim to do end-game (shaper/elder/UE/A8 sirus, etc) within a couple of weeks. Einhar ROTAs.
About Us: Small group of people who mostly play at the start of leagues, looking to add players who are more active throughout the league.

Guild Name/Tag: <EU> Eternal Unity
Guild Region: EU
Guild language: German
Guild League(s): Current League
Guild Leader(s): RyujinNotTornadoShot
Current Number of Members: 60+
Official Forum thread:
German Forum:
English Forum:
About Us:
We like to have positive gaming experiences, gameplay knowledge and a personal community for all players.
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