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Hey there I'm an old member getting back into the game, can you invite me to the standard guild please? Thank you!
День добрый, перешел вчера на этот сервер и хотел узнать, есть тут русские гильдии? (желательно с простым и адекватным приемом, а не с отдельными форумами с регистрацией, прибывшие к нам из далеких 90х годов)
I'm an old member here, can I get an invite back to the standard guild please and thank you!

IGN : Gauntess
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Guild Name/Tag: [IMBA] Imbalanced
Guild Region: EU
Guild language: English and German
Guild League(s): Challenge Hardcore Leagues Only
Guild Leader(s): blackstar
Current Number of Members: 32
Official Forum thread: /view-thread/1174057
Official Website:
Guild's focus: Challenge Hardcore Leagues ONLY
About Us: We hug n roll together and we are a small band of 32 exiles playing HC Temp only
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Guild Name/Tag: [MEOW!] Sleeping Kittens
Guild Region: US/EU
Guild language: English
Guild League(s): Standard and Challenge SC Leagues
Guild Leader(s): Dawnz (Kitty)
Current Number of Members: 39/100
Official Forum thread:
Official Website:
Guild's focus: Casual/Social guild
About Us: We like cats, casually playing the game and want a permanent group to make friends with for the long-term.

Color code: #F5A9F2

Guild Name/Tag: [MEOW!] Sleeping Kittens
Official Forum Thread:
IGN: Kitty | Guild: Sleeping Kittens 1012535 | Post Formatting Guide: 1913874
1000pts S8 (4 Demis) | 545pts S10 (4 Demis)
501pts S11 (1 Demis) | 646pts Emberwake Season (10 Demis)
1094 Points Bloodgrip Season (11 Demis/14th Overall)
Build Guides: 1621741/1378363 | Kitty's Filter: 1965678
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Hello there! I am looking for a temp league sc guild, where I could map with other people and casually chat. Nothing too crazy. I play on Frankfurt and Amsterdam servers and currently lvl 83 in Tali league.
Oh, and my ingame name is GetMeDough. Cheers!
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Guild Name/Tag: [QURFA] Queer Force Alpha
Guild Region: US (Some EU Friends in too)
Guild language: English
Guild League(s): Tali SC Leagues
Guild Leader(s): SOUTHPAW_
Current Number of Members: 6
Official Forum thread:
Official Website:
Guild's focus: Casual guild
About Us: We are a group of friends that played through multiple games such as minecraft, csgo, league of legends, rust, path of exile, and many other games. We have our own teamspeak to communicate on and are looking to recruit path of exile players.

Guild Name/Tag: Old School <PÔKEMÉ>
Guild Region: Europe
Guild language: English
Guild League(s): Any softcore leagues
Guild Leader(s): Injectionx
Current Number of Members: 85
Official Forum thread:
Official Website:
Guild's focus: Mapping, Building, Helping our fellow guildies to achieve there goals!
About Us:
We are a guild full with mature friendly dedicated players that been playing the game for at least a year or even been here sins open and even closed beta.

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Hi I am back just a couple of days ago, and seeking nice and fun guild to join.

IGN: KanLinYang
Hello fellow Cat Lovers. I am a very active SC Player and I enjoy mapping, flipping currencies and Cats!
I enjoy helping others since I usually also learn during the process.
I look forward to grinding and having fun with you all!

IGN: Fawz

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