Abyssal Cry

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Last bumped on Sep 22, 2020, 1:15:47 AM
Currently level 50, in A3C, running a somewhat unorthodox Ice crash build. I use freeze chance on the tree and ice bite, along with HoI, stack AoE. Basically, I gather up a nice big pack, curse with frostbite, abyssal cry, then ice crash and the whole pack shattersplodes. Also works pretty well on bosses who have adds. Gather the adds around the boss, cry, then pop them all.

Overall seems like a pretty solid skill. Damage is about what it should be, can be very powerful in conjunction with other AoE effects. Mana cost might be a little high, though. You really have to be in melee range to use it effectively and melee characters often don't have high mana pools, and it does have a cooldown so you can't spam it anyway. Might be worth taking a look at the mana cost and maybe reducing it a little.

Otherwise, seems to work as it should.
Abyssal Cry work very nice, but does "increase chaos damage" passives work on explodions?
Kirikamori wrote:
Abyssal Cry work very nice, but does "increase chaos damage" passives work on explodions?

Yes, it will, as will Area Damage.
Balance & Design
Does the explode "8% of maximum monster life as chaos damage" stacking?
Ex: a rare monster, and 5 monster (normal or magic) around him. I use abyss cry then flameblast, after "bum", they die and explode.
The 5 monster nearby enough to all of "the explode" effect on rare monster. Does the rare monster take all 8% chaos damage of each monster around him (5x8%=40% if 5 monster have similar life) or it's only take 8% of highest monster life.
Does the explode from abyss cry stack with other explode (ex: shatter from HoI, explode from Inferno Blow,..)?
Does increase area radius from passive tree effect explode ranage? And value of explode range?
Final, thank for God the abyss cry stop the damage reflection
Should this be working with Ancestral Bond? Not sure if it is.
In Game: ElaineBelloc
Is there a particular reason why linking Life leech does not result with player leeching via explosion damage?

I can understand 'why' it does not work (as the 'cry' itself is not dealing any damage) but.. just curious

I know that the leeching from it would absolutely break the game (with VP) as it scales for free with content etc but just curious

As for the skill itself - the duration is too short. I had hoped for a duration increase with levels as it demands CONSTANT recasting but.. in the end I like it.

Melee fight is now a lot more than before when all went auto: (apply fortify with movement skill) + warcrry + attack

it sounds as if it limits the dps but the sheer power of Warcries is so huge that the clear speed actually goes up. And it certainly beats 4L+fortify if one can use 'movement with fortify' AND a proper 5L
Which of the following work with the explosions from abyssal cry?:

Increased Area of Effect
Concentrated Effect
Added Chaos (quality)

Thanks beforehand!
this skill cancels "on death" events of monsters (ex. Porcupine Goliath thorn explosion) - is this intentional?
This is consistent with other corpse-removing effects such as Shattering, so I would presume it is.

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