Vigilant Strike

Oaken wrote:
So I was looking at this skill for a poison build, and while I dont think its any good for mostly anything, I did cook up this way to spam vigilant strike 100% of the time. Not sure if anyone cares but I think ascendancy is the first time we have a 100% certain 100% uptime on vigilant strike (because of malachais loop), so ya.

Put on malachais loop: upon reaching max power charges, remove them.
Put on volls devotion: power charges become endurance charges
Put on 4x powerlessness jewel, you now have 1 power charge max
Put on romiras banquet and volls protector.

Now if you hit something you get a powercharge, immediately removed and turned into an endurance charge, and you can keep hitting. If you crit, volls protector grants you a powercharge, same result.

I tested this in game and it definitely works, and there are a number of ways to do this. Either get the powerlessness jewels like I just showed. Or get an equal max power charge and endurance charge limit, which means you will have a short windup time of 5 hits (generating the first batch of endurance charges), you will also have a reasonable uptime on the charges themselves.
You can also remove volls protector, but then you need RT, cause otherwise romiras will theoretically cause breaks in the chain of charge generation when you crit. You can also keep protector but remove romiras, but then you need capped crit and an active assassins mark on your target, for 100% crit chance.

Even if you do all of that you can probably still not do very much with this skill, but there you go :)

This is brilliant and I'm going to try it out on my Vigilant Strike build - a very clever way to bypass Vigilant Strike's cooldown.
The Vigil is the only reason the skill does exist, I suppose.

- Sound effect should have higher priority than other effects.
- Ancestral Call Support should trigger the skill sound effect.
  User side the skill sound effect associated with 'the buff has been successfully applied' trigger,
  currently, even if Ancestral Call Support hit grants fortify sound feedback is missed.
I don't understand why the targeting/use of this skill is the way that it is.

Its too clunky because it can fire off even when you click at ground making you miss the enemy many times, and then it enters on cooldown.

Please make its targeting be the same as many other melee skills like glacial hammer, double/dual strike and etc.

Thanks for listening :)
"Can't be Evaded"

monster: moves 2 steps to the side

me: so it was all a lie
Hello everybody,

Long time lurker but first time poster. I just recently did a random challenge. random character, random skill, random armor type etc. and you try to make it good. It was fun and I rolled one handed mace and shield, vigilant strike, duelist, and with armor ES gear. Over all I had a good time.

Now we can get enduring cry pretty early and an alternative to ancestral call in the ancestral cry skill I feel that the build is more viable now than ever.

that being said there are a few issues I noticed. They mostly (but not all) fixed themselves with endurance charges, attack speed, melee strike range, ancestral cry, etc. so this is mostly early game issues like <LV20

1. Early game the skill feels... BAD
-Mostly I enjoy melee since the big animation changes about a year ago but not here. Early when you have no attack speed while your character winds up enemies just lean slightly to the left and you miss. Whoops! too bad, cool down time.

2. Animation Canceling
-Accidently click away from your character during that long wind up and animation cancel the attack. Whoops! too bad, cooldown time.

3. Eating endurance charges
-similar to no.2. bypassing the cooldown by using endurance charges and click away during the animation canceling window now your out an endurance charge. Whoops! too bad, cooldown time.

It seems that a few simple checks could make this skill feel so much better
1. Simple, if you miss, no cool down. After all the skill cant be evaded
2. attacking with a charge? a check should be made to see if you have an endurance charge if Yes then swing, If it hits than take 1 charge. if no then you keep your charge cost on animation canceling

Over all I still had fun just some minor frustrations in early game and in edge cases

Thank you for reading,

EDIT: A Word
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