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yuup its true.. im dw Hyaons Fury and Doryanis Catalyst now and it's downright silly. deleting screens at a time with lazers
Cytokinesis wrote:
There is some diversity in that you can choose to go full physical and just have the conversion take care of it for you or you can embrace the 60% ele and do a more hybrid damage build taking a lot of the nodes around the templar tree. Gear choices beyond phys heavy scepters seems to be a lot harder. Wild strike, molten strike, frost blades, etc all share this same issue and are roughly comparable.

Can you explain to me why you prefer physical (sceptres) so much for this skill?

I've built my hybrid Wild Strike/Frost Blades char wholly elemental, and the tooltip is almost at 30k without charges. I argued it best to scale only all elements, attack speed, or crit, because those three have an effect on all parts of the skill. Seems to work fine for me.

Some relevant build info:
Using a speed/crit Maraketh Claw, Wrath + HoT dual cursing Assassins Mark and Elemental Weakness. 6 flat ele rolls and 2 % wpn ele rolls, plus a bit of crit/acc here and there from gear. The links are Multi-WpnEle-AddLight. I scale it as a Shadow via pure/wpn ele nodes, non-physical attack dmg (Like Graceful Assault or Jewels), attack speed and crit.

Is that element attack effect have physical damage part?
I test on pack monsters and they look like took same damage but I don't sure.
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The Elemental effect simply deals Attack Damage, same as the Melee swing. Unless you Convert the remaining 40% Physical Damage away, the effects will also deal Physical Damage.
Elemental effects however do not deal Melee Damage.
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I feel it would be better if the aoe fire damage scaled with level like the chains but with increased aoe size, and you got multiple projectiles with level for your ice effect.

This would certainly be a worthwhile improvement. Maybe up to around 60% increased AoE and 3-4 additional projectiles at level 20 would be a reasonable change without making it too powerful.
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I have a question regarding the general skill mechanic:

Initial hit on lvl 20 gem = 136%~

How much damage effectiveness has the second skill effect?
Does it also have 136% ? Does it have less damage like Static Strike explosion?
Also can the second skill effect "shotgun" the main target, or does it spawn from the main target so it can not damage the main target itself? Obviously the chain can chain to another target and back to the main target, but what about the explosion and the frost wave?

Thanks for clarification if someone knows for sure since I was not able to test this reliably.
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If the Elemental effects had a Damage penalty, it would be listed.
Elemental effects do not hit the target of the Melee swing.
Another question:

How does "increased melee critical strike chance" affect the second form?
Most likely it will have no effect I suppose?
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Elemental effects do not deal Melee Damage -> they do not benefit from any Melee-specific modifiers. Melee Crit Chance will not apply.
Vipermagi wrote:
Elemental effects do not deal Melee Damage -> they do not benefit from any Melee-specific modifiers. Melee Crit Chance will not apply.

So do the elemental effects roll seperatly? Because I thought if the melee hit crits, the elemental effect crits too. (as in: the crit roll on the element is dependant on the melee hit)

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