Wild Strike

Having fun with wild strike.
I don't mind the namelocking and I'm playing it with hege's staff so it's namelock+knockback and its still quite fun

Main problem is its crappy single target.

As I ideologically refuse to utilize earthquake, I've been running molten strike as a ST skill with some mixed results.

What else do people use for ST in a wild strike setup that works for them?
Wild Strike is not optimized for late game play.

No, I don't mean the numbers or anything. I have cleared T14 maps on a one handed wild strike build. While I think the damage output is still a tad low compared to others builds in the game, that's not what I am aiming at here.

I think the problem is the graphics of Wild Strike. Whenever I enter a pretty gfx intensive combat, the graphics... well go haywire. Not the FPS, They often stay decent(15 - 30 fps, it's okayish for my system), but the game itself seems to... Well freeze up for short amounts of time. Again, not the graphics, as I can see skill effects still move pretty smoothly(as smooth as 30 fps is haha).

Here's an example of what I mean.

Apologies for the no sound, My recording device has a hard time cooperating with my sound devices from time to time(sound was just fine ingame). But you can see it in the first few seconds what I mean. I dive into the pack, and everything just... stutters, even though the effects don't seem to freeze(just slow down).

Whenever you reach high attack speeds with Wild Strike, it just... seems to jam the system. In the end, I even had a server crash. This only happens on certain occasions. Usually (twinned)bosses(From the top of my head, this also occurred at the waterways boss, and I believe also at the Abyss boss).

I don't have any similar lags on my other characters(just low fps from time to time)



OS: Windows 10 Professional (x64)
Processor: 3,20 gigahertz AMD Phenom II X4 955
Mboard: Gigabyte Tech GA-MA790XT-UD4P
Gcard: AMD Radeon R7 200 Series
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Sometimes the arc part of the attack does very low damage or none at all?
Also sometimes the attack doesn't curse enemies while using corrupted items curse enemy on hit with x
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With several auras, such as with an Aurabot character, wild strike is basically unplayable. Due to what I believe is the game calculating the multiple damage types on the fly with the auras it locks up not only the Wild Striker, but the aura person as well whenever they go in/out of aura range.

It isn't a problem at first, but slowly it creates a major lag spike every time you leave aura range. I tried several other melee skills and none of them (earthquake, static strike, leap slam, frenzy, etc) have the same problem.

It makes an awesome and very useful skill basically unusable in a group scenario.
Is it possible to somehow use Wild Strike and Elemental Hit together?

WS seems like a sort of upgraded version of EH, but I wanted to build a new Scion based around elemental melee attacks.

You could.
Elemental Hit would have no reason to exist in the build though, because it's fucking useless.
A bit background on my character first.

So, I am playing as an Inquisitor with Staves (Hegemony's Era), using Wildstrike and going for crit.

This is my passive tree:

Current gear

Recently, there is an issue bothering me when using wildstrike. I am not sure if it is a bug or it is indeed the way it is intended to be. So, there is a notable passive skill point for staves called the Blunt Trauma which adds knockback to critical strikes with staves. As per my understanding, the 2nd part of Wildstrike should also be an attack, and is done 'with staves'. But while I'm using Wildstrike in the game, I realized that the 2nd part of the attack never knockback enemies. Originally, I don't really care if it knocks people back, but since I am now using Hegemony's Era which gives a chance to gain power charge when knocking back enemies, the fact that the 2nd part of the attack does not knockback enemies seem to have lowered my chance to gain power charge. I have tried other skills such as Sunder, Static Strike, and Sweep, and it is proven that Wildstrike rarely gives me a power charge when compared to other skills.
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I am now using Hegemony's Era which gives a chance to gain power charge when knocking back enemies

Hegemony's Era gives you a power charge when you knock an enemy back with MELEE damage. The second part of Wild Strike is unfortunately not a melee attack, only the initial hit is.
Can anyone verify the tooltip DPS of Wild Strike is functionally correct in-game? I'm comparing two staves (1 I bought for 1c, so no big deal). One is physical, and the other is elemental (added tri-elements). Due the full conversion and physical taking boosts from both physical and elemental nodes, I'd expect the physical staff to come out on top. However, the tooltip shows the elemental one being significantly better.

Insights appreciated.
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The tooltip can not account for the random Conversion, so your Physical pool is not benefiting from Elemental Damage bonuses in the tooltip. When hitting enemies, that Phyiscal pool is converted to Elemental Damage and does benefit from every modifier.

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