Wild Strike

zephiroth3 wrote:
change the fires burst sound.
its a neat skill, but every time i try it out i quit in five minutes.

yes, please ! That fire sound is truly annoying and MUCH louder than the cold/lightning sounds.

You can do better, GGG ! We know it =)
Playing a Wildstrike Inquisitor in SSF Synthesis (gear below for whoever is interested). First time I tried this skill I was playing the Bestiary race in SSF and wasn't impressed, and I'm still not sold on it.

The issue I have with this skill can be summarised in a few points:

1) Unlike its big brother Elemental Hit, it is completely random which element is chosen, so you can attack 5 times in a row with one element. This means Elemental Equilibrium can be great or absolutely terrible depending on your luck. This inconsistency is very annoying and ruined my original plan to build entirely around penetration with, say, Shroud of the Lightless and a 5-link Wild Strike.

2) Unlike its big brother Elemental Hit, Wildstrike doesn't have threshold jewels supporting it. I get that it's a different skill (WS converts phys to elemental, EH adds elemental damage). You can do shenanigans like focussing on a single element with Avatar of Fire, Call of the Brotherhood, Pyre and Cold to Fire support, but other than that you are very limited in options.

3) The fire explosion sound is annoying. I've played this character for about 20 hours and it's grown more and more annoying to me. Actually considering just switching to Infernal Blow or Molten Strike at this point.

4) Without Ancestral Call map clearing is really awkward and tedious, but doesn't help at all with bosses. On lower tiers you can get away with not switching, later on you'll have to switch to Multistrike, though.

Gear in spoilers:

Current level: 86 with Uberlab completed and 7.2k health.
Unbuffed damage with AC is ~36k, with MS ~60k

Ultimate SSF ED Guide: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2606026/page/1
My Twitch: https://twitch.tv/artcrusader
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The problem with Wild Strike is that it does not have good clear speed because of its name lock nature (i.e. you have to hit a monster to release the secondary part, meaning you have to be real close to the monsters in the first place) and due to the fact that the fire explosion has a particular small AOE. The design of the fire element is really dumb - given the fact that the initial hit and the secondary hit will NOT hit the same target, the fire explosion neither helps to clear packs nor does it help during boss fight. It would make sense if the secondary effect can hit the same target as the initial hit and the fire explosion has slightly higher damage than the cold/lightning element to make up the small AOE, but this is obviously not the case here. The positioning of Wild Strike as a skill is just confusing - it clearly would not be considered a good clearing skill but at the same time its single target output isn't that good compared with Molten Strike or Blade Flurry etc, despite its high damage effectiveness on the surface. To improve the skill, I would suggest that:

1)Rework the fire element so that it can clear packs properly

2)The enchantment of "Wild Strike Chains an additional 6 times" and "36% increased Wild Strike Area of Effect" be combined and in addition, add "Wild Strike has 3 additional projectiles" (Wild strike is already bad enough, why would you give it an enchantment that is only useful 1/3 of the time)

3)The secondary effect be able to hit the initial target. It's just dumb now that it cannot do so when the animation clearly shows it does and some other melee skills do (molten strike for example). You can turn down a bit the value, say if the enemy was hit by the initial hit, they take X% less damage from the secondary hit.

4)Make the secondary hit be based on MELEE damage, so that it would not be so difficult to scale. The fact that there are THREE different elements already make it very difficult to scale the damage. And now you have to split it up even to Melee, Projectile, AOE. And even better, the lightning chain, which is the best of all for clearing, has one less keyword than the others making it even more difficult to scale (There is just no way to scale "Chaining").

5)Make the secondary hit goes off whether or not the first hit hits. Name locking just doesn't make sense anymore, especially playing in teams. Where there are 6 players, the screen can be so chaotic that renders us impossible to locate monsters. Maybe the skills can be changed to a three-hit model (?) - "the initial hit and a secondary hit that goes off together with the first hit, and a third hit that goes off no matter the initial hit hits or not". Then the third hit can be focused on some kind of projectiles/chaining/AOE for clearing, and it would give players incentive to still get close to the boss to hit the initial hit to release the second hit.

6) Make ancestral call/melee splash implicit in the melee skills - this is not just for Wild Strike but other single target melee skills as well. I think it is time GGG admits the fact that no matter how good a single target skill is, they will not be used by anyone unless it can clear maps fast enough. The fact that AOE skills' DPS have basically caught up with the single target skills makes it no sense for single target skills to give up one socket for Ancestral Call/Melee Splash, when players can just go for the AOE skills and get similar or even higher DPS. So just make it inherent in the skills and I believe it will bring back many skills for people to use. Another thing that it is good to make it inherent is that GGG can balance different single target skills by adjusting how many additional target the skills will hit, as it is obvious that some single target skills have even worse clearing than some others. Say, double strike, it would seem fair to give it like 5-6+ additional target for clearing.

The above are the suggestions. You may see that some suggestions conflicts with one another, because it is not intended that all of the above are to be adopted as this will make wild strike way too OP. These are just options that GGG can think about to balance and make wild strike somewhat viable.
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ScorpiusXI wrote:

Good feedback!

I think if we are going towards the idea of a skill rework, the problem lies in that the three elements are so different mechanically from each other.

- If all of them chained, you could work with that.
- If all of them were projectiles, you could work with that.
- If all of them were AoE, you could work with that.

Everything about the skill is random, which I am sure is the creator's intention and I admire the effort, but it's just a tad too much.

If we are to approach this subject, I want to digress from my original feedback post.

Quick idea: What if there was a melee and a spell damage component to the skill? Would shine bright with Crown of Eyes, Mark of the Shaper and Cast on Crit.

In general, the problem seems to be that elemental damage nodes aside it's unclear what to specc into. Even running triple Herald with Shroud of the Lightless (for 3x elemental penetration) is bad. This has to be changed.
Ultimate SSF ED Guide: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2606026/page/1
My Twitch: https://twitch.tv/artcrusader
I like this skill because it's decent enough and kinda-sorta reminds me of the Assassin's skill Phoenix Strike from Diablo 2 LoD.

Mechanically, I like that its 100% conversion to elemental -- something easy to just throw on enemies that reflect physical and what makes it different from Elemental Hit.

I think the sound effects are just fine -- I personally think the fire blast sounds cool on my headphones... yet I find Static Strikes' sound effects to be unbearable, so I guess it's a matter of opinion.
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It is a really good thing that Combat Focus finally works with Wild Strike to block out the unwanted element(s). But the thing is, why Wild Strike should suffer the 50% less damage consequences as Elemental Hit, when the mechanism of the two skills are not the same? The purpose of the modifier was to prevent Elemental HIt from getting 300% of the damage as all three elements are present on the gem before conversion. But this does not apply to Wild Strike.

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