Viper Strike

You can apply VS in ~a second and then switch to a different skill, if you want to. It lasts effectively forever anyways. That 2k DPS is also without Shock, which I also mentioned as a source of DPS improvement. It's not hard to land one crit in the four hits, which improves the damage by 40% again.

EDIT: WhoopsIforgotsomething. Level 18 is super easy to get due to those +Gem level affixes. At level 20 (also pretty easy to get!) it ticks for 2759.12 DPS at four Charges and Vuln.
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lightning strike hits at most 4 foes...

Quality Lightning strike pierces. Anyway, contrast with Lightning Arrow on LMP, if you prefer. This has a built in 'splash' of its own. Plus, as you say, shock. I have a shadow who has LA on LMP with 3K DPS. You can kiss entire packs goodbye when I start hitting them with volleys; and I can do it from off-screen. So... needless to say... I'm not convinced.

You can apply VS in ~a second and then switch to a different skill, if you want to.

Fair enough. But now melee requires two skills where ranged only requires one. Hummm.

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I still hold onto the hope that Viper Strike will be re-enabled in the future, when they've fixed/balanced it with Splash.

Then I can make a Dual-wield Redbeaks Low-Life Pain Attune build, maybe even throw in Phase Acrobatics for sh1ts and giggles.. :P
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I'm not sure how that build really benefits from Viper Strike/Splash though? Aside from Viper Strike dealing its damage anyways, which is nice I guess. Neither PA nor Redbeaks apply to Damage over Time (PA doesn't apply to Attacks in general, even).
I wish Viper Strike did higher damage per second over a shorter period.

What I'm finding now, using it as my primary attack (with multistrike) is that my play style involves applying a pile of charges then Whirling Blades out and wait around for a while for things to die. It isn't a very intense manner of fighting, short frenzy with a bunch of wandering around.

Another solution that would be exciting was that if attacks against targets with max charges would apply a bonus chaos/poison direct damage proc. Add incentive to continue fighting. Greater risk, greater reward.
The name stops making sense when spiders and other monsters use "Viper Strike." Why does a spider know what vipers do?

Perhaps you can rename the skill to something like, "Venom Strike" to eliminate flavor issues while still retaining the functionality and expectations for it.
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It's funny... Do any of the snakes in the game even use Viper Strike? I mean, Some breath fire and some shoot projectiles, but not a single one uses Viper Strike.

The spiders also even hiss, which is based off a video of a single species of spider that rubs its legs together to make a somewhat similar sound.

Anyways, I totally agree with the name change suggestion.
same name in-game
i dont know if that was answered before, but at least the tooltip doesnt show so.

so: does the dot dmg scale with
? it doesnt seem so.
anybody knows? (+100% dmg on low life)
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Damage over Time does not benefit from Increased Damage.
This skill should definitely see more love.
right now it falls back as a dmg dealer skill, no passive to make it stronger, not many support gems that can acctually make it better.

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