Viper Strike

Consider adding a detonation AOE on target's death if they have a viper charge while triggered.
the damage will be related to the amount of viper charge on them, this is the only way i see it making it to the monster killing, or even be remotely considered.
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Viper Strike needs some love. Degen should be changed to 50% of damage dealt over a 4 second period instead of the 25% over 8 seconds.

The Degen just feels weak, granted when you have like 40 stacks on something you can see it work, but you're talking map bosses and A3/4 Merc Bosses for that.

This would allow the Degen to have the same damage output but have more impact in a shorter period. Thus making the damage output appear better, helping clear speed, and not making it an instant win button vs bosses.
Older version was just more fun and unique. Now we have nothing more than good single target skill against bosses. What was wrong with older version?

I would love to see some kind of infection mechanic similar werewolf rabbies from D2.
off topic: rather have werewolves period.

on topic: new version is only conversion that takes all damage types prior, and converts to chaos. that means there's no loss or waste for running either kind of "build". except maybe for the low percentage. and on that note, the chance is odd. on one hand, it makes mobs that use it, less scary but still painful if enough of them do trigger. on other hand it makes players sub-par, relying on faster weaker hits does not increase damage even if applying more procs...
Don't change it back to the old state, atm Viper Strike is too slow cause the game revolves around a quick playstyle.

I suggest increasing the damage per second but reduce the duration i.e. 40% of hit over 3 seconds.
I spent a good amount of time trying to make a Viper Strike + Abyssal Cry character.
I used Ming's, Atziri's Promise, Lightbane Raiment.
I put the new jewel Eldritch Knowledge in 3 spots in the tree, and grabbed both chaos damage clusters.
Needless to say, it didn't even remotely work.
I feel the skill would be more interesting if the DoT double dipped like ignite does with fire damage.
And if not that I'd like to see the old version returned and rebalanced.
the gear and utilities listed are not DoT, so they are unable to "double dip" the way burning can.

that said, unless memory is failing me, there is no way to lower foe's resistance to chaos and that is exactly how burning double dips by passing resistance to fire twice, once for the fire damage hit that caused it and again for itself.

although it's wonderful someone tried a 100% chaos damage build. might want to use a normal chest piece though.
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^On that note, chaos resistance was an odd thing in the past.
Not so much anymore, every humanoid has it now if i remember correctly etc.

everything chaos related used to be "special".(damage + resistances)

Now it's very much mainstream and found everywhere, so a rework is definetly in order for viper strike to "get with the times".


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Alright Viper Strike is meta again. Prepare for big poison!
Could somebody from GGG make a clarification:

1. Will chaos damage nodes increase poison damage?
2. Poison now stackable, so Viper Strike + Poison support + Added's touch (if crit) should apply 3 poison counters on hit?

(now, I can remember the following poison sources:
1. viper strike itself
2. chance to poison on hit from tree
3. adder's touch
4. chance to poison bleeding targets
5. poisonous hit on some unique claw

Does it possible to attach 4 poison counters on hit?
4 because 3 and 5 are mutually exclusive.

Also, if Blade vortex will be supported with poison
Does each hit will apply poison? (stackable)

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