Viper Strike

An indirect nerf to viper strike builds to counteract or overpower any buffs, what a shocker lol. It's like they want to delete the gem as fast as they can.

It's funny because the base damage + poison damage on the gem is freaking absurd, and it's still a bad skill.

The gem unquestionably needs to lose the 8s poison, it's a great damage buff but nobody wants to wait 8s during regular map clears. I suggest there simply be more %added chaos damage instead of a longer poison duration.

I also suggest flat added chaos damage on the gem itself. Yes, flat added chaos damage on a melee gem. Give the gem something useful, and give it a reason to make use of attack speed buffs if you INSIST on NOT changing growing agony.
my evasion is so high i only insta rip sometimes
Bug Fixes:
People were using cyclone for actual melee builds, so we nerfed it and made blade vortex. Also, we went ahead and made cyclone great for CoC casters while we were at it.
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Needs at least +100% poison damage to be of any niche use, especially after the numerous poison nerfs.
Viper Strike took a really big nerf (in every way possible) in 3.0. >_<
Sometimes you can take the game out of the garage but you can't take the garage out of the game.
- raics, 06.08.2016

This skill blows.

Buff it or delete it. Nobody wants to use this garbage skill.
This skill is ruined, please eliminate and create something new that will keep the concept.
Honestly a shame, it is notorious that developers can not do anything to improve this gem, when it seems that there are improvements in theory, in practice it is rubbish.
I hope you listen and remove this gem at once, it hurts.
Thank you for your attention.

Esta habilidad está arruinada, por favor eliminar y crear algo nuevo que mantenga el concepto.
Sinceramente es una pena, es notorio que los desarrolladores no pueden hacer nada para mejorar esta gema, cuando parece que hay mejoras en la teoría, en la práctica es basura.
Espero escuchen y eliminen esta gema de una vez, da lastima.
Gracias por su atencion.
Excuse my Spanish.
I play with viper strike and I suggest these buff :

-add 18-21 range (like frost blades) to improve the vivacity of this skill
-100% chance to poison
-50% of damage converted to chaos damage
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I want to love this skill but I can't, every time I see a poison build by someone I cry inside because they use any skill BUT viper strike, Hell your BotW uses molten strike which only has 50% phys!? Is this not an issue on your balance team that the skill that is supposed to be based around poison is being outclassed by a fire skill again?

Please bring back the origin of the skill. Make it unique again, I don't need the 100% poison, at this point let that mechanic die and give it its original hit and run mechanics back. Maybe a stacking version of Decay debuff where you try and stack as many as possible in a short period of time, maybe make it scale off of poison and allow binos to transfer it to other enemies on death, making it unique because you can have fewer more powerful poisons on an enemy. This could make it stand out from others because it isn't supposed to stack huge amounts of poison in a short time but maximize the few poison stacks it does have.

Maybe make it work like caustic arrow (which probably needs a buff considering how much more base damage and scaling essence drain has) where it has base damage that you can scale, like it did originally, with 100% chance to inflict the degen, with scaling on the tree and supports that it didn't have originally.

Tbh to me this skill lost its identity with its first rework, it no longer had a guaranteed degen and instead scaled off of dps where the degen was a bonus effect instead of the main focus of the skill.
Bump with a little suggestion:

Viper Strike total remake to deal Damage over Time. Yes, this skill just should be a Melee Chaos DoT skill. After playing the whole Betrayal league with changed Cold Snap and Vortex, I think DoT is probably the most enjoyable type of gameplay PoE can offer and Viper Strike would also fit perfectly in Damage over Time section. How would it work?
Well, first of all, change its damage source to deal flat chaos damage per hit, add
Modifiers to Attack Damage apply to this Skill's Damage over Time effect
modifier to it and scale chaos damage off of the initial hit to deal Damage over Time. Attacking another would simply refresh its duration, not increase the damage.
Secondly, make it spread. Make it chain indefinitely from one monster to another, but with each chain make it deal less damage and refresh the DoT duration.
Lastly, make it deal more DoT if it hasn't chained to another monster in the past x second(s) - this change would add a viability to its single target damage.

I really hope GGG will do something with this skill, cause its underused simply cause it's bad and off-meta.

Yes, it's based off Path of Diablo's Rabies druid thing, i've enjoyed it very much as well.
I don't think it's a "bad", but it feels lousy to clear with. Damage seems good but you basically need AC and Melee Splash to clear with it, and even then you need whirling blades to give you mobility. T

It feels especially bad because you're using it with short-ranged daggers and claws so there's a lot of extra finicky manual clicking that you need to do.

My poor wrists.

how About to rework Viper Strike, so if it is used by the Character, he/she jumps a small way (like a Viper(snake jump attack animation)) and on to the destinated Location and makes an spinn attack like bladestorm, hitting the enemys within range multiple times (4)(when dualwielding double the times each weapon (4)times so its a total of (8) times but (50% less Damage while dualwielding)), inflicting multiple Poison stacks.
So its a combination About "Bladestorm" and "Consecrated Path" maby also inflicting witherstacks on the Chosen Area where the attacks are Happening. Damagewise viperstrike is at a good Point, but it doesnt feel great to Play it. and how About a new effect from viperstrike.

new effect: 50% of the expected poison damage will be dealt instantly.

kind regards

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