that'll mean for a lv 11 vurn, physical damage deals these multipliers pre respective shock stack: 1.69 , 2.08 , 2.47
or for a lv 21: 1.82 , 2.24 , 2.66

shame i can't get lightning damage on maras reasonably, but i'm sure all other classes won't have trouble =p, don't really need that much passives at that point.
Is there any reason this gem is Blue and not Red? The high int cost makes it hard to run on a Melee build.
Vipermagi wrote:
Vuln is excellent for Puncture and Viper Strike (they benefit from the DoT buff as well). For other Physical builds, it's merely okay. I don't think that's entirely problematic.

Vulnerability also works very nicely with stun-based effects like Endurance Charge on Melee Stun, especially on a build with a high attack speed. As I understand it, that extra stun chance applies every time the victim is hit by anything, which could be enough to push even very small hits over the magic 20% chance to stun threshold. In fact, if you have a way to hit very fast while doing just enough damage per hit to get over the threshold, the stuns themselves could be a significant defensive advantage to the curse.
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The more dmg taken is multiplicative with other dmg taken indicators like shock. So its very good.
The increased damage over time is additive with shock resultin in an 120% increased damage taken.
Also not bad, but hard to aply strong shock stacks that take full use of the physical more dmg or the non-hitting-non-shocking-dots.

Source: Wiki
ggg nerf this gem? no "more" dmg taken , its only "increased" dmg taken!!!
100lvl mele pvp QUIT
It's also defender-side, so it stacks multiplicatively with Increased Damage, and additively with Shock. Not much of a nerf, but yep, looks like they changed that.
We fixed the description bug where it said "more". It's always actually been increased damage taken. Back when we first started standardising terminology for that stuff, damage taken modifiers got called "more" because they were (sort f) multiplicative with your increases to damage dealt, but as more different modifiers to damage taken were added and how they stacked together mattered, that was change.d Vulnerability apparently got missed in that change.
thx Mark for info
100lvl mele pvp QUIT
I have said it before and I say it again: Make this Gem full Red or Red/Blue Red/Green Hybrid...
INT users already have tons of curses while STR users can only really use Warlord's Mark...

To me this kind of gem screams "RED STR/MELEE" as its STR that increases the physical damage... Why is this gem Blue? For summoners? Make a new curse then that increases Minion Damage and make Vulnerability STR, STR/INT or STR/DEX already... Seriously.
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I'm trying to figure out how the 40% Increased Damage from DoT effects would figure into Righteous Fire DPS. Is the 40% DoT added to other DoT's in the passive tree when calculating DPS or is it calculated based on the DPS of RF when it's cast?

Trying to determine if gloves with Vulnerability on Hit is more effective (i.e. does more damage) than Elemental Weakness on Hit (Level 10) or not. Any RF users here know?
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