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Currently playing a level 40 two-handed tank-ish (lots of life nodes, max 4 endurance charges) Marauder on hardcore. I have a long train ride coming up where I'll have time to write on this and other subjects in excruciating detail, but for now, a quick opinion.

Warlord's Mark is my curse in every situation. The life/mana steal is nice, but the charge increase is the real reason here. Thanks to that, I -never- run out of flasks.

However, the endurance charge aspect of the skill seems so... token. "Well, this skill needs a bit more. Let's just throw a low chance of popping an endurance charge and call it a day." Everything else about the skill is something I can incorporate into my plan for a fight, but that doesn't even register.

I would suggest one of two options.
1. Remove the endurance charge aspect entirely and make the life/mana steal scale faster.
2. Make the endurance charge chance scale faster. Right now, I believe it's +1% chance per 5 levels. Makes the skill look like it's scaling REALLY poorly when you first get it, since the life steal also bumps up once every 5 levels. I suspect +1% every two levels would be too fast, but I think 1% per THREE levels is not too much to ask.
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I agree with the above poster. The leech and flash charge stuff is just awesome. It actually took me almost a full level of having had the skill before I actually got Endurance charges. I could see how using the skill with a heavy AoE setup character on a huge group of enemies would maybe make you able to to get a full stack fast enough to give the survivability to pull out ahead.

The problem with the way it works is that you basically have 2 diffrent situations.
1 - You have such high kill speed that you get it to proc up to 2 stacks reliably. In this case however you kill so damn fast the extra tankiness from the charges wont do anything because you just killed everything too fast for it to matter.
2 - You kill slowly and by some miracle of god you managed to get it stacked up to 2. Now It will run out so fast that the extra tankiness will only be active for a fraction of the fight making it too insignificant to matter.

So I guess either remove that part and buff up the Leech part since this part does nothing. Or off the top of my head I can think of a few other ideas for how to change it.
1 - Make the Charge on death 100% chance. The Frenzy charge builder has 100% on kill. Why cant this have it too?
2 - Make the chance "on hit" instead of "on death". Meaning that AoE builds that hit a lot of targets at once actually get the stacks up when they need them.
3 - Make the chance "on hitting you" so you chance of having it proc scales with how many cursed targets are hitting you and how fast they are hitting you.

That's the ideas I can come up with off the top of my head to make that part of the curse actually be useful. I don't have enough knowledge of how many different bonuses you can build into the endurance charges though so this might make them too good. It would at least make the charges a part of the game though since currently you don't even see them for long periods of time.
Hey, wait a second! You dont get any charges when minions do the killing for you? This clearly must be a mistake, right?

How is this curse working exactly together with minions? One thing I know for sure is that minions fill your flasks. So does this curse improve the rate they are filling your flask? Do they leech life and mana for me? For themselves? Are they getting endurance charges for themselves/for me?
Agree with the above posters. The flask recharge part is really the only benefit that this skill provides, and I usually have plenty of flasks.

Bottom line: I'm too lazy to cast this skill regularly and I don't notice the difference when I do.
If you already have enough leech, of course you use a different curse.

This skill is fantastic when you don't have enough leech.
I have hardly any leech on that character and it still doesn't matter.
Curious, what build? How much leach?
resolute technique + blood magic, all points in +fire damage where possible. I probably only have 3-4% leech, and since I have 5 health flasks I can just pop them all the time.

prior to getting blood magic, when I only had 2-3 life flasks equipped, I had even less trouble keeping my health up.
4% is a lot of leach, actually. It's just that this game is making a mistake of allowing players to get 10+, which is downright absurd.

Considering how high DPS goes up end-game, it's a good chunk of health restoration, especially on AoE attacks.
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