Warlord's Mark

All feedback after this point is for 0.9.6.
Balance & Design
Allow the chance to be endurance charges on hit, it gives an alternative to spamming enduring cry repeatedly during fights. Also it would feel more interactive than just spamming for flask charges.

I main this curse on my Marauder and even then I barely use it :/

Res Tech + Blood Magic High Str Marauder, currently hovering around 1k life at level 41 with 3.5% life regen per second.

Main Attacks: Heavy Strike, Leap Slam

-Meteoric Destiny!
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Feedback after this point is for 0.9.7
Balance & Design
2-H Marauder lvl48

essential Skill for me, no doubt.
I'll post here in regard of Warlord's Mark and Phase Run (!) (i already ranted on Molten Shell in the respective thread).
If you could somehow manage to allow these skills to be cast while moving, it would add so much more fun and dynamic to this precious game.

Furthermore it's tedious to always recast this debuff. Would it be wise to give Warlord's Mark the chance to reapply the debuff on striking? Like a solid chance on mobs that were affected by it and it weared off. (a 3 second window for a chance to reapply for example)

This probably sounds OP at first, but on the other hand, in given situations you will recast it anyway, so why not skip the part where i have to interrupt my bashing routine whilst in the heat of battle.

more flow! less hickups for the sake of "tactical" skill applying pls.
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I didn't think much of this skill when it first came out, but coming back to the game after the surgeons fixes and the introduction of diamond flasks it's pretty awesome now.

It's not something you'd use to keep Endurance charges up on it's own though, way too unreliable. They're like a nice random bonus.
i like to use this on my level 35 mostly str based two handed duelist.

the mana steal keeps my mana bar FULL if im in the middle of a big group effected by this.

however i have noticed that sometimes, even if i use it in an area it wont curse any of the enemies, it seems very random with me if it curses 1 or 10.

im thinking undead have a bonus resistance to this or something? i never seem to have an issue with any kind of humanoid.
I use this skill a lot, but I always have trouble actually getting it to trigger. Basically I press the hotkey, and a lot of the time nothing happens. Is this a targeting issue? Do I need to have my mouse on an opponent? On a clear spot on the ground? Does it matter where my mouse is?

For how often I use the skill, I am still not sure if it fails to trigger randomly, or has something to do with where my mouse is relative to the other monsters.

Any hints here?

all curses, or AoE that isn't centered on self for that matter, casts at mouse location. only fireball, freeze pulse, and poison arrow can specify an actual target. (and pulse isn't actually AoE also last i checked but it counts for the example.)
So any ideas why it would fail to trigger so often? Maybe my pointer is pointing at a spot that is out of range for the skill? I assume it has a fairly small range. In fact I had just been assuming it was centered on me. If the range is small anyway, why not just center it on me and call it good?

I do know in the heat of battle I have found it pretty annoying that I can't trigger this thing reliably!

Suggestion -- Maybe if it would beep or make an error tone I'd at least know it tried and failed (due to range?) vs. just arbitrarily failing to register my keypress or something.

It could be I would have this problem with other skills as well -- this just happens to be the one I use a lot...

NancyNM wrote:
texts of confusion
how much hp does your character have? and how much damage are you taking? you're obviously being in large groups of mobs. int and dex classes who have low hp, can get stunned more easily because of thier lower hp compared to the damage they are taking (when they do). this also applies to str classes too if they didn't pump up thier hp/armor.

i've had tons of witches and rangers "flinch" a lot and unable to cast a skill or spell, or a skill or spell was canceled out. due to such short duration (350ms base time atm), it doesn't block movement unless you are surrounded or there is excessive amount of ranged on your butt =p.

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