Warlord's Mark

if you already had threshold reduction for stuns, it would be enough. but thats a different barrel of calculating "fun"
soul4hdwn wrote:
if you already had threshold reduction for stuns, it would be enough. but thats a different barrel of calculating "fun"

I doubt it would be enough for a skill like incinerate. Stun threshold reduction doesn't increase the chance to stun it lowers the enemy's effective life against stuns.. which would help if incinerate did more than a few hundred dmg per hit. at 80% stun-threshold + the 5% of leftover stun chance on warlord's mark post-unique mob mitigation... you'd have to deal about 1.5%(almost exactly) of the enemy's total life in one hit to have a chance to stun...

So with your average incinerate set-up you'll be doing about 500 damage per single hit of stage 1 (LMP)incinerate with chaos damage over fire penetration and heralds... for a stun build you might want to swap faster casting for added cold or added lightning for more dmg per single hit, but yeah! Let's go with 500 damage per single hit because it's a nice average amount...

kk, With the 80% stun thresh set-up: To have that 20%+ chance to stun on unique mobs with 500 damage per hit you'd have to be hitting for 1.5% of it's life instead of 10%, which through stun thresh calculations is effectively 7.5x your damage, sooo your damage per hit is effectively 3,750... and since this number needs to be 10% of the target's maximum life your capacity to perma stun unique bosses with a fragile fast skill like incinerate soft caps on targets with more than 37,500 life.

37,500 Life softcap sounds like it would be terrific for someone looking to utilize the stun mechanic in a fun and interesting way but.. take into consideration that most unique mobs in even low level maps tend to take 5 to 10 seconds to kill with an all out 10k dps build... This is enough to say that their life easily surpasses 37,500 in even the lowest form of end-game content..

Here's the kicker though.. 37,500 gets multiplied by 100% because the stages on Incinerate... so at stage 3 incinerate you do.. 4 times the tooltip's average total spell damage... so... 37,500*4= 150,000.

So.. Yeah wow.. You can permastun non-unwavering unique mobs with 150,000 or less life with incinerate with an average dps LMP set-up. That should be enough to stunlock most of the unique bosses.. considering 20% chance to stun... with 10 casts a second.. that's essentially 2 stuns a second, and some builds get incinerate up to 15 casts a second.. which is 3 stuns a second... Hmm..

Of course with a build like that I would be more focused on getting high single hit damage.. just i the case of resistant mobs. so getting up to a 1k average damage Incinerate Tool Tip with some kind of Righteous Fire set-up with heralds and all the added flat damage gems in the game.. would make it so you could perma stun mobs with up to 300,000 life. I'm still a little skeptical on if that would be enough but.. Yeah.

TL;DR: with 80% stun thresh + 5% chance to stun unique bosses with Warlord's Mark you can permastun anything with 150,000~300,000 life once incinerate gets to stage 4.

I honestly plan to try this out with knockback and the new Empire's Grasp Unique Gloves when they are released.

I think the synergy would be amazing.. you stun everything your incinerate touches and pull them into shotgun range without having to chase them down.. and once they're there you keep them there with a permastun. It sounds fun as hell. I'm going to make the attempt now to test out just how effectively I can stun map bosses with a Perma Stun Warlord's Mark Incinerate Set-up. Exciting :D I'll edit with my findings!

WTB Caster Scepters with 14% Stun Thresh : D
note that only the support gems give spells stun related mods, last i tested, checked, and read from patch notes. spelts aren't meant to stun, but yes they can if damage per hit is enough to trigger. warlord's mark is for everything as extra. =p

good luck with incinerate, its likely only spell that might be able to be fast and hard enough.
Just re-reading the Skill's description again. Didn't it use to leech life and mana only for physical damage? It seems to leech now for all damage done by an attack.
It in fact Leeches from all Damage, period, now. Want some extra Leech on your Spellcaster? Get Warlord's Mark!
Hm, actually, that could be really good to counter Infernal Blow reflect...
Well, I'm just testing out Purple Rain's Voltaxic Build. So one issue is the leech since you almost exclusively deal Chaos Damage. Berek's ring helps with Mana Leech but first you need to shock enemies (not hard thouhg with enough stuff).
The recent changes to how leech works just nerfed this curse to the ground. That's too bad, because it would be nice to have a good red gem curse.

They directly nerf punishment and then indirectly nerf warlord's mark. Hopefully this skill can get changed now?
I'm confused. Does it still give you flask charges, or not? GGG's own webside says this:
"A foe slain while afflicted with Warlord's Mark will return extra essence to the player's flasks and might even grant them an Endurance Charge."

But the skill gem description in game, and on the wiki does not mention this
I wonder which would be more accurate; a fluff description on a webpage, or the actual game itself.
What are the 2% Leech referred to?

Is it 2% of the damage output? Or 2% of the actual damage dealt (taking reductions by armour/resis in account)
Or is it 2% of your max life?

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