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Got some ideas from the upcoming 1.06 batch

It claims to be summoner theme but i think the skill and support gems cann't help summoners much.

How about these 2 support gems?

Animate Projectile:
Convert all projectiles generated by supported spell into time-limit sprites, which will attack enemies nearby automatically. Only works with spell projectiles.

Sprites without pierce attribute will destroy themselves on hitting target. Those with pierce will persist until they time out.

Sprite with fork/chain will create normal projectile on hitting target.

The interesting fact is sprite doesn't receive bonus from spell/projectile passives but do receive bonus from minion damage/speed.

Massive Effect:
Cast the supported spell simultaneously on all available targets nearby the cast location.
Only works with non-projectile, target specified spells.

So cast Molten Shell/Arctic Armor will also cast on minions nearby, while Animate Weapon/Detonate Dead will duplicate the spell on all available targets.

thanks for your attention!
Qarl in the 1.05b patch note thread said 'We are considering a dedicated cast on minion death option.'

This'd be lovely, but they'd have to be careful with how it interacts with CwDT. While I'm not that fond of the CwDT level limit, applying something similar to Cast on Minion Death would prevent CwDT exploits.

To elaborate: Cast on Minion Death-supported minions cannot cast linked spells that are above their level requirement, just like CwDT cannot cast linked spells above its own level requirement.

This would prevent bypassing of the CwDT level limit (low level CwDT-low level minion-Cast on Minion Death-high level spell) and additionally prevent spamming of low-level minions to get around high-level spell costs. And since the supported spell would be linked to CwDT as well (spell level <= minion level <= CwDT level), even the 'less damage' from CwDT will be applied (I think).

Do you guys think that would be fair? Any other potential exploits that may need to be addressed?
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I am wondering if you can cast the same spell that is linked to your CoC? Like this.

Freezing Pulse - GMP - CoC - Freezing Pulse

Would that be able to work?
1less1 wrote:
I am wondering if you can cast the same spell that is linked to your CoC? Like this.

Freezing Pulse - GMP - CoC - Freezing Pulse

Would that be able to work?
cast on crit links to an attack to cast a linked spell on crit.
My friend came and I came up with an idea for a support gem.

Homing Projectiles
Supported projectile skills now track enemies in a cone ahead of them and turn at a rate to meet them. The turn rate could change based off of the level of the support gem, and possibly a projectile damage modifier. As slower and faster projectiles increase the damage, and multiple projectiles reduce the per-projectile damage.

The idea of for the turn rate being set at a certain point is to synergize with projectile speed. Faster projectiles allows for the homing projectiles to reach further targets due to faster projectiles increasing a projectiles distance traveled over it's time, but cause it to effectively home less as the turn rate wouldn't allow for too effective homing with higher and higher projectile speed.

This could cause interesting relationships with slower projectiles (an under-used support gem in my opinion). As the slower projectiles wouldn't travel as far, but would be given more time to turn towards their targets. Maybe even causing slow enough projectiles with multiprojectile gems be able to shotgun at longer ranges than previously available (currently standing almost on top of them). Another cool relationship with multiprojectiles is the arc they're fired at when you click can be used to help guide the projectiles towards intended targets before the guiding takes effect.

I could see this being a strong support, and a fun one to use with many different skills.
Things like pierce or fork could be compatible for balance reasons. Piercing homing projectiles functioning too similarly to chain could be a reason to not allow it, the same goes for fork. Or they could be used to create a chain when a chain gem is unattainable, or a different effect chain due to modifiers from pierce/fork combined with homing projectiles.

The synergy with lesser and greater multiple projectiles would be great, possibly allowing slower moving projectiles to ranged shotgun. And when using them for AoE they could help create more consistent damage, as when LMP or GMPing into a group possibly with a piercing projectile it could aid in just hitting more targets with the skill.

Or allowing really faster projectiles to open up more really long range builds. As consistently hitting an enemy at long range with a projectile could be difficult, and the homing would be less effective on a faster projectile but allow longer range builds to possibly hit things off their screens easier or hit enemies really far away with more ease.

This could be balanced many different ways. Mana multipliers can be large/small, can scale up or down, turn rate can go up with level, it can have flat projectile damage reduction that scales up with level. Or maybe it can cause the projectiles to start slower, then accelerate up to their normal travel distance.

Anyway, I've put a lot of thought into this and thought maybe other people might like the ideas we came up with. This may have been suggested numerous times already, if it has I apologize.

Thank you for your time,
something like that would be silly with freeze pulse, ether knives, arctic breath, and ice spear...

by silly i mean strong, funny, interesting, but too useful. it'll also require a completely new coding for the homing properties via line of sight complications.
I agree that it'd probably have to be disabled with certain skills, particularly freezing pulse as I feel the projectile probably wouldn't look very good turning.

They could ignore line of sight and home towards enemies they can't see, but break on walls.
I'm not sure how similar it'd be to coding spectral throw homing on to you as it returns.

All in all if balanced properly I feel it could really open up some cool support gem combinations with skills. Perhaps at a damage decrease for a quality of life, like making a skill hit less but more often due to homing or sloppy clicking or desync/latency.
If I have a curse set to cast on critical strike with an increased rarity support gem does
the rarity support gem work for the duration of the curse?
If I have a curse set to cast on critical strike with an increased rarity support gem does
the rarity support gem work for the duration of the curse?
curses do not deal damage, inc rarity does not work with them.
Just noticed there's no GMP feedback page...

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