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Idea for an alternative to Multistrike/Spell Echo:

Lesser Echo Strike Support - Hits with supported skills occur a second time after a short delay. Supported skills have X% less attack/cast speed and X% less damage with hits and ailments. Cannot be used with Multistrike or Spell Echo (not sure if this is needed, but maybe on-hit effects life LGoH could get too crazy without this restriction).

Greater Echo Strike Support - Similar to the above, but with hits repeat more times in exchange for more severe penalties.
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Are we going to get a thread about Storm Barrier?
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osesek wrote:
Are we going to get a thread about Storm Barrier?

shhhhh, GGG wants the Storm Barrier Support to be forgotten forever.
How about Cast while channelling support gem?
I know that spell cascade only works on targeted skills, but what about when a skill BECOMES a targeted skill? Like when casting Ice Nova on a Frost Bolt?

If it doesn't work, SHOULD it?
Tags: fire, support
Effect: add X fire damage to supported skills, add 15% chance to ignite to supported skills, has Blaze buff on kill burning enemies that works similar to Innervate support bem
Gem color: Red
Mana cost multiplier: same as Innervate.
when looking at lightning trap, I think there should be a support gem that reduces your projectiles count and increases your projectile damage. -> more levels = less projectiles but more damage.
Not sure if this is intended; when you have a mine that throws a trap, how the trap is thrown is different depending on whether is is a 'native' trap skill (Explosive Trap, Flamethrower Trap) versus a skill linked to Trap Support.

- Non-trap skills supported by both Mine Support and Trap Support produce a mine which, when detonated within range of an enemy, tosses a trap toward that enemy
- 'Native' trap skills support by Mine Support produce a mine which, when detonated within range of an enemy, drops a trap at the mine's current location (no attempt to toss it at the enemy)
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Poison doesn't feel right...

First and Foremost, Poison is the only Ailment that is applied solely by a percent chance to apply - no critical-hit chance to apply at all. In addition to that, Poison damage is unbounded, but duration is crazy hard to get, unless you're an Assassin - and then you have so much of it that you break the game. And lastly - poison damage scaling off of your damage is mechanically fine, but it has a serious break in realism. Poison kills everyone - big, small, healthy, frail, living, or undead - the same way. You layer it into a person, and they die more quickly.

A few changes to make this effect better:
1. Have excess chance to poison work as increased poison damage; Let a character stack their 400% chance to poison, and still benefit from it, with increased damage.
2. Have poison work like Leech, but in reverse. Scaling with enemy health give the feel that every body dies of poison the same way - by having enough of it in their system to kill them. This also makes duration significantly more important, and less game-breaking in the long term. With a maximum health-degen per second in place, Assassin's breaking the poison duration into minutes, not seconds, doesn't matter. Scaling with enemy health also prevents any individual poison from being damning, in PvP, and allowing someone to hit you enough to kill you with poison is your own fault.
3. Make Poison its own entity. There is little reason for it to be an ailment, other than to allow it to receive huge damage boosts from Ailment-specific support gems, and critical-damage based passives. If poison scales off of 20% of physical, and 100% of Chaos damage, with a maximum of 2% of target health per layer, then Ailment-specific damage boosts only serve to increase the duration, and don't feel necessary - there are enough other damage boosts for poison. Besides 20% of target health per second is plenty to kill anything, even if it's trying to leech off you.

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