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I would love a support gem that turned attack skills into counter-attacks. This could have some weapon type limitation; could be based on being hit vs blocking; or any other number of constraints that allow for it to be balanced.

[Counter-weight support]
Chance to trigger supported mace/axe attacks when hit

[Counter-balance support]
Trigger supported sword attacks when you block

[Counter-attack support]
Trigger supported 1h sword or dagger attack when you dodge

cast when damage taken is a cornerstone of the game. Perhaps there's a way to balance one or two of these effects so that attacks can be autocast via event conditions that mitigate taking damage. Kinda "working against eachother" with CWDT gems
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Regarding the new 3.8 minion supports feeding frenzy and meatshield.

How come the frenzy support doesn't have a taunt?
Wouldn't it make more sense for aggressive minions to taunt rather than the ones standing next to you?!

Hejren / Triceps / Regnbuen / Sarinti / Striglen / Mareridt / Spoegelset / Doktoren / Dobbelganger / Skjoldtrold / Forkynderen
where is the page for "swift affliction" support gem thread? u guys forgot that lol
How about add new 'charge support'?
this support can support only melee active skill, and can't support melee aoe skill.
etc, can support heavy strike, can't support cleave.
mechanism is, if enemy is away from my melee range, skill is convert to skill like shield charge, so really do 'CHARGE'.
Of course more damage with traveled distance.
and if enemy is just in my melee range, than just use original skill.
I thing this is fun and can add some interest to melee skill.
This is more of an interesting idea & its not extensively thought out by any means.. but here it is.
the idea revolves around builds utilizing one-handed weapons / shields being able to obtain a second 6-link in their builds.
I recognize that one hand builds gain the stats of their off-hands and are relatively balanced because of this, which is why this is just more of an interesting concept.. but what if there were a Unique gem or item that allowed the links of your offhand to count towards the links of your main hand as well?
could it work? would it be too strong?
i'm just interested in hearing your thoughts and feedback!
Couple of my ideas.

Name: Nova (?)
Tags: Spell , AOE & Duration
Effect: Area effect spell gems with a duration (or Duration gems with AOE) suddenly gain increased AOE half way through it's duration rapidly decreasing back to original size by end of skill. Possibly reducing total duration to compensate for AOE increase.

Name: Super Nova
Tags: Spell , AOE & Duration
Effect: Area effect damaging spell gems with a duration (or Duration gems with AOE) violently explode half way through duration dealing remaining damage instently Possibly reducing total duration to compensate for AOE increase and reducing total damage. This would make the gem do its total damage in sooner.
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No threads for Awakened gems?
PoE Tool Compilation (Outdated)

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May I ask something about flicker strike linked with close combat and melee splash?

While the damage on the primary target get full bonus(60% more) of close combat since we flicker right upon its face, do the rest surrounding targets that are splashed get full bonue(60% more) of close combat, or the splashed damage scale down base on their distance from player?
hi there, is anyone having a prob that CoC gem doesnt give 0.15s cd to Cyclone but Awakened CoC gem does?

This is picture that im using Awk CoC lv1, have 3 frenzy charge + Cat's agility on

And this is with normal CoC gem 20/20
Can we have a channeling support gem?
This would make many skills a lot cooler, and create some build possibilities.

For instance, we could have channeling shield charge. This is something that is in several other ARPGs, and that I feel could be very well implemented in POE.

Also, attacks could be channelled while moving. This would prevent attack in place, at the cost of one link. Attacking with barrage while moving could revolutionate boss fights.

Is this possible?

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