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Don't really know if anyone else has thought if it already but with all the different support gems that can turn most skills into a totem, mine, etc.. I would love to see a support gem that turns a melee into 1-3 minions that uses that skill.

Just the thought of making your own dervish duo minion with cyclone, or having flicker striking minions seems hilarious and fun. I can easily see this as a bit OP but that's why we have damage reduction on many support gems.

I'd probably make the gem dex/str based.
Hey guys, I was wondering if you did mean for swiftbrand support to work the way it does, as either the wording or the intention seems off to me.

The gem says x% more activation frequency, and if you take that by the word, that would mean "activation frequency"*(1-x/100), but how it actually calculated is "activation frequency"*[1/(1+x/100)]. This makes it so, that with the gem on max level with 65% more frequency and 65% less attached time you get much less activations total.

Now why did I put "activation frequency" in quotation marks? Frequency commonly means activations/given period of time, but in poe it is actually a peroid value, which is "how much time it takes to activate once".

So this is confusing two ways, the more% applies to the frequency we are used to from physics not the value that actually is on the tooltip in the game, and I can even imagine, it was not even intended like this, so that it would even out at the end that at max gem level the same activations would happend but in less time.

Can someone please clarify this?

Thank you very much
Snipe skill form Assailum helmet with infused channeling take the skill that is channeling tags or the snipe ones?, and if it's snipe's, snipe have any tags?
I cannot find a dedicated thread for Second Wind. Anyway, is there any possibility for allowing it to support minions created by Raise Spectre?
how do i add barrage support to pob ? i am trying to look something. and trying to figure out bow single target gemlinks but i have tryed this 2 years now. bows suck hard ass. i rather uninstall than play some other builds.

so far i have noticed. bow build mostly wont work on higher tier without headhunter.
dot bow blah disqusting.

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