Added Fire Damage

1. Damage Based On is calculated before Conversion, which occurs before Damage multipliers.
2. Damage Based On/Converted Damage benefits from the source's Damage multipliers on top of its own.
3. Increased Damage is always additive.

So B, but in reverse order.
Does quality from added Fire Damage gem increase

- Infernal Blow Fire Damage initial Hit ? (I guess yes)
- Infernal Blow explosion (that one I'm unsure)

Thanks in advance !
Yes and yes, respectively. It's all Damage dealt with the IB Gem, and the IB Gem has 10% Increased Fire Damage.
Fire damage support should be like cold damage support or lightning damage support.

converting physical damage to fire damage isn't fair for other cold damage and lightning damage.
Vipermagi wrote:
By the time Ignite is calculated, it's just one chunk of Fire Damage; there is no distinction between separate sources anymore, because they are no longer relevant.

So if I'm understanding this right, the 'base' damage of an ignite does include the 'added as fire' from this gem? That seems odd to me, since they tried to completely remove double dipping. Does it use "+x% Phys Added as Fire" of the BASE phys damage for that, rather than the final fire damage after all melee phys, WED, etc scaling?
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Well yes, you deal more Fire Damage after all. Added Damage doesn't double-dip though, I have no idea where you're going with that *shrug*

Added As occurs at the same time as Conversion, which is to say, before any percent-modifiers are accounted for. As always, Conversion/Added As benefits from modifiers to the source-type. This is explained at the top of this very page, mind you :P

(although I explained it as 'before Conversion' then, because that's generally easier to grasp, lol)
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