Chance to Ignite

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Balance & Design
Last bumped on Sep 23, 2017, 4:55:15 PM
All feedback after this point is for 0.9.6.
Balance & Design
UristMcDwarfy wrote:
From my testing, the "Buff Duration: 15% increased Duration of buffs and debuffs you create" passives don't work on ignite damage. Is this intended behavior?
Currently yes. The elemental status effects - side effects of damage - are considered to be a separate kind of thing, despite technically being a form of debuffs.
The buff/debuff duration is intended more for buffs/debuffs you create directly with skills, such as curses and things like phase run.
I'm not personally entirely happy with how those systems stand at the moment because it's confusing, and I have made some notes for things to look into changing, but for now that's how it is.
UristMcDwarfy wrote:
Currently, it looks like the only way to extend the duration of ignite is temporal chains? And it seems to be a 50% multiplicative increase of the total ignite damage?
There are two int passive skills which increase burn duration. I have no idea where they are on the tree.
It might be possible that those ones aren't in the tree at the moment, but they're in the passive data files. I don't know if they can currently be there without being placed in the tree without creating errors.

So there's a stat for it, and there are passives which use that stat but said passives my not be a part of the current tree. I have no way to tell without looking through the whole tree really hard, and I don't have time for that right now, sorry.
sanddemon wrote:
There some reason why this wouldn't change the DPS on Fireball?
Because DPS calculates the damage done by the skill hit, not including triggered effects that might do more damage afterwards.
BlastMonkey wrote:
If linked to a minion gem does this support apply to explosions from minion instability?
No, but it will eventually.
The explosion from minion instability cannot currently be correctly implemented as damage and thus doesn't trigger any effects of dealing damage. Instead the correct amount of damage is calculated, resistance is factored in, and the resulting amount is subtracted directly from life.

As such, until the game engine can be refactored to support actual damage dealing this way, it can't trigger ignite, stun, critical hit, or anything else that triggers on dealing damage other than actually reducing life.
Feedback after this point is for 0.9.7
Balance & Design
Chance to ignite is checked separately for each hit.
However, a critical hit will (in most cases) apply to all enemies at once, and will always cause burning if fire damage is dealt.
Xapti wrote:
What I was wondering about (that would also be hard to test though) is if 3 monsters were shocked in a [tight] group of 3+, would that triple-stack shocked on everyone if elemental proliferation was used? (since the shocked would be spread to nearby monsters 3 separate times?)
Kinda the wrong topic, but related to what I said about burning.
Yes. I'm actually worried that extra shocks from auras might be able to go above the shock stack limit, but haven't had time to test that case yet.
Umbraal wrote:
by default it deals 4/3 of your damage over 4 seconds.
Note: it only counts FIRE damage for this purpose, not all damage.

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