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Chance to Ignite

Mark_GGG wrote:
Umbraal wrote:
by default it deals 4/3 of your damage over 4 seconds.
Note: it only counts FIRE damage for this purpose, not all damage.




This makes some support gem choices I made quite stupid in retrorespect.

Could you update the tooltip for this game with something like this then:

x% chance to ignite the enemy on hit, only works with fire damage

I used this gem on my ice nova and on minions, to, in retrorespect, obviously no effect.

One can read the original description (and I had read it that way) as to mean, you get a chance to ignite the enemy on hit and the ignite damage is fire damage. While you don't have a comma there, which makes my reading incorrect of course, it's such a small difference that I'd guess that a lot of people beside me will do the same mistake and think that you can ignite enemies with all sorts of damage.
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How does the game handle 2 separate skills with this support when both skills proc their support?

Molten Shell and Firestorm are both supported by this gem. I turn on Molten Shell and charge into a pack of mobs. While waiting for it to go off I start spamming Firestorm. Firestorm procs Ignite on several mobs and then Molten Shell goes off proccing Ignite on the same mobs. Do the Ignites stack and if so do they have separate tick rates or is the damage combined and then it ticks as a single spell? Or does the first Ignite persist despite the second Ignite or does the second Ignite overwrite the first? Or is it based on which one will do more damage which would allow Firestorm to overwrite a Molten Shell Ignite if it was near the end of its burn and the damage left was less then the Ignite from Firestorm?

Oh and another question pertaining to Firestorm. If multiple hits of Firestorm proc Ignite on the same target are they all added together for a larger Ignite damage or are they each separate?
FAQ made through many hours of enduring global chat in Normal

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Multiplie instances of burning on a single entity do not stack. At any given time, whichever is the highest-damage burn will be applying it's damage, and the others will be inactive.

Example: I burn a monster for 20 fire damage per second, for 4 seconds (the base burn duration). 1 second later, I crit with molten shell, causing a burn dealing 50 fire damage per second. At this point, the 50 dps starts being dealt and the 20 dps burn becomes inactive. 2 seconds later I ignite for another burn dealing 30 dps. That burn is inactive due to the existence of the 50 dps burn.

1 second after that the original 20 dps burn expires (still inactive). 1 more second later the 50 dps burn expires, and the 30 dps burn starts dealing damage (because it's now the highest-dps burn on the monster). It lasts 2 more seconds.

So the monster got 1 second of 20dps, 4 seconds of 50 dps, and 2 seconds of 30dps.
Awesome. Thanks for the info and explanation. That's a good way for it to work.
FAQ made through many hours of enduring global chat in Normal

With the addition of fire trap I have another question. Does this apply to only the initial explosion damage of fire trap or does it also apply to the fire damage per second that is left on the ground?
FAQ made through many hours of enduring global chat in Normal

The fire damage per second is degeneration and does not hit enemies so it can't apply ignite. It would only affect the initial hit.
Mark_GGG wrote:
Chance to ignite is checked separately for each hit.
However, a critical hit will (in most cases) apply to all enemies at once, and will always cause burning if fire damage is dealt.
So then if I have a 50% chance to crit, and a 50% chance to ignite, I have an overall 75% chance to cause burning with any given attack?
Yes. You'll actually cause two burns 25% of the time as well but the critical damage one is the highest damage so only it damages the enemy.
I can't think of a great way to use this. It seems better to simply use crit chance to proc burns on fire damage instead, as the resulting burns are also MUCH bigger!
Well this is better in cases where you also have things like Elemental Proliferation and it's aoe because you can only crit everything at once but you can burn individual targets.

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