Chance to Ignite

You have to hit them with fire damage to apply. If there's no fire than the chance to ignite enemies is zero (even if it's increased ;) ).
But if they are ignited you should see a noticeable animation (I think it's the same as standing in a fire trap).
Ah ok so I will need to either use a fire melee attack of some kind of add fire damage to my melee attack?

That makes sense. But if I am already using fire then what would be the point of the ability? Wouldn't it just be adding more fire DOT damage?

Seems a little limited as an ability to me. Should just add a Chance to Ignite on fire for any attack.
Well igniting is based on fire damage. It's not limited at all, and increases your fire damage significantly when it procs (133% more without any burning damage/duration). The only time fire would ignite without any chance to ignite is on crit, and the chance of this is much higher.
I wanted to make a build focused around infernal blow. So I took all fire, burning and the main AOE passives. Click here, if you're interested in the passive tree.

However, this is not about the build, but the fact that AOE fire spells with ignite and elemental proliferation are amazing! I use the following set-up because I also have 20% chance to shock from the passive tree. So if I hit at least 5 monsters, I can expect at least one AOE shock ailment and multiple shocks are quite likely for large groups. (EDIT: Elemental Weakness helps, too)

Here's a video as proof:

I didn't cut out my struggle with the rare monster because it illustrates that the current state of the build has only AOE damage and really lacks a single-target killer. However, I'll fix that later, firstly, I'll build a which (lvl 49 atm) with spell damage passives and gear.

EDIT: Here's a bit more footage. I wish he was more tanky because while kiting with fire trap, you can't really see them burn. That makes Burnhard sad.

EDIT2: I removed my videos, but I feel nobody cares anymore.
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Does anyone know what quality adds to this gem?

Oh wow, nice job Burnhard. Have you submitted your build to Chris? I'm sure he'd love to gloat about a working fire-trap build.
My Keystone Ideas:

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So when this triggers the ignite, does it also trigger critical fire damage for the burn or does it just use the normal fire damage?

In other words, does this increase fire critical hit chance?
It just ignites.
If it crits, this gem is pointless, it is additive with ignite chance, though.
Works great if you use RT.
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Isn't a "no" better than an ignore?
That's good to know.

What I meant by adding to critical chance was not the normal additive chances like what you get from normal critical multipliers where it takes 400% to get 25% critical chance from a 5% base critical chance skill.

I was hoping that since it only affects fire that it was specialized to increase the actual critical chance by the amount stated on the gem. I.E take a 5% critical chance to 30% at level 1. I realize that Resolute Technique does not allow critical hits, but I was hoping that the ignite status effect was automatically designed to cause the same burn damage as a critical strike would.

Since Chance to Ignite does not do that this gem seems rather lackluster. Burning damage is not very effective unless boosted by critical damage or tons of fire/elemental damage boosters (even then pure critical damage with multipliers will do more damage).

I feel the socket this gem would have used can be put to better use with Added Fire Damage. At least for my Resolute Technique Burning Arrow build. As I'm already using Weapon Elemental Damage and Fire Penetration (that's 4 sockets). The fifth socket would have to be Elemental Proliferation. If I add a sixth socket I might consider it then, but I may just use another damage adding gem like Added Chaos Damage or the like.

If I was a critical strike build I would use Increased Critical Damage in place of Chance to Ignite for sure.

Perhaps they should rework this gem or the way status effects work? It's only really useful for a burning damage build and a burning damage build really needs the critical strike burning damage to be effective. I just can't see any reason to use this over other available gems.
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