[•TDP•][3.12] The Duckling Paradise | Recruiting for Heist Softcore

We are a group of players that have been playing in the same guild since 2013 with new members coming and going.
Looking to fill up some member slots after kicking inactive players.

League: Softcore Temp-League / SSF (3.12 Heist).
Realm: Europe, a few members are from other regions (Taiwan, USA)

Current members: 89 https://www.pathofexile.com/guild/profile/953

Discord: discord.gg/a4s8vAP

]|I{•------» [ Who's the guild for? ] «------•}I|[

People looking to chat and share their PoE experiences with others, the main point of the guild is simply guild chat, anything else that happens is secondary and not a priority.

Members who get 36 challenges in the previous league are given Officer.

Other guild activities include:

-League challenge sharing.
-Group Mapping.
-Theory-crafting and build optimization help.
-Easy trading.

]|I{•------» [ Requirements ] «------•}I|[

-A level 90 character in any league.
-Be active for the first 4 weeks of a Temp-League, more is better of course.

*Players who have been inactive for 4 months get kicked.

]|I{•------» [ How to join ] «------•}I|[

Whisper me in game, PM on the site/Discord or respond to this thread (checked daily) saying you wish to join.
Link your profile and make sure to have the character slot open for me to check your character level.
IGN: HarroDisobey
Discord: Dima11#6733

If I'm offline/AFK you can whisper another officer, the list of officers is found here https://www.pathofexile.com/guild/profile/953

Good Day.
IGN: HarroGatesofHell
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IGN: HarroGatesofHell

I am Sammas and want to join with my alt account. I in general play with the account Sammas0815. But there I have a little guild myself to use it as common stash with a friend.
If you check this account you can see my characters.
I joined PoE on february 2013. I play about an hour a day. A bit more at the weekend.
I am interested in SC but perhaps I will be able to play coutious enough for HC some day :))


I nowadays go under the name Raime and I'm interested in joining your guild since I've grown tierd of having noone to play with in PoE (My friends refuse to play this game;_;). Past challenege leagues I've tried out but I can only stand playing solo for so long. Hence why I'm now looking for people to play with in this upcoming league.
Thanks guys, PM'd you both :)

IGN: HarroGatesofHell
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Looking for a nice, friendly group of people to play and map with.
Been playing for about 3 yrs, mostly in HC temp leagues. I usually play a few hours each day, more on the weekends.

Kind regards

I would be interesting in joining the Guild (at least for the Talisman League).

I've been playing POE quite oftenly since december last year. I have several high level chars and I would like to hit at least 28/32 challengues.

Please contact me ING : DARTACAN_ES_UN_MITO ;)

HC SSF Harbinguer : Templar Inquisitor, LVL 94 (RIP).
STANDARD : Templar Inquisitor, LVL 97 (ALL CONTENT DONE)

I've been playing for quite a while on and of. always found the game fantastic.. but none of my friends do. so i've been always roaming the lands of wraeclast alone. i'm in a good mood for this new expansion Talisman ( not as good as for ascendancy but quite good). I'm not an hardcore player (i don't think my computer would forgive that boldness) but i would love to accomplish something in softcore (at least reach 21 challenges) and beeing in a good guild would be amazing. Hope to hear form you.



Hello my name is Simeon , and im playing PoE since Flashback league , rly loving it.Looking at the new league i was thinking that playing in a group of friendly and fun people will be the best and since i dont have much(almost no) friends in Path of Exile i thought id join a guild for the Talisman League and the ones after that. I play a few hours every day, so i think ill fit nice :) ( btw im not a HC player , i tried , rly tried , its just not for me :D )
IGN: BrokenArrowPS
Bump for teh justice of the ducks!111111!!1!!

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