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Hi, I have been playing PoE for a couple of years now and I am looking to join a laidback and mature guild for the HC Talisman league. I have very little to no experience with group play, and I think it would be interesting to experience that side of PoE as well.

I plan on playing a lot during the first week of the league, and then I will probably go away for a week or two over christmas. After that I plan to keep playing the league on regular but sane hours :)

I play on Frankfurt server most of the time, and on the HC server exclusively. If you need a new duckling, please consider my application :)
Tide goes in, tide goes out. You can't explain that.
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Is there still room for another Ugly Duckling? :)
I've been looking for a guild to join in for Talisman league as I want to go for 28/32 for challenges!
I've started playing PoE since Open beta and have been on and off for several leagues. Last time quit after Bloodlines and now came back for Darkshrine and Talisman. I am mostly HC player in leagues and standard HC.

I have several character over 85 but none yet over 90 which will change in this league! Also I the best aspect about PoE is theorycrafting which is one the reason PoE is so addictive to me.

That's the short version of my hopes and dreeams and motivations :D

That's all!

EDIT: My Gateway is Amsterdam and I'm Finnish
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Hey, I'm Santooo, an active finnish player wanting to join your guild. I have been playing poe for 1.5yr on and off but really got in to poe properly in tempest and warbands. I have an 84 lvl summoner still on standard from the darkshrines event that ripped and I did a Chaos CI incinerate build in 1 month flashback that i got up to lvl 87 and since been deleted. I have been playing solo most the time I have played so I don't have group play experience outside of few maps and daily rotations. I really wanted to try playing in some kind of group in this upcoming challenge league. Sorry for my bad english.

Hit me up with a PM or ingame IGN: sanmzo if you're willing to recruit.
Ello, looking for a guild for the HC league.

Been playing mmo's and the like for err 18 years back to the Ultima Online days. Been playing PoE for 2 years. Started hardcore about a year ago, I don't play the perma leagues. have a few 85+ dumpster chars on standard and a lvl85 summon skeles build on hc. Will be playing a lot this league, I'm a big fan of off meta funky builds but I still try to reach top tier maps with them. Oh and I'm from Belfast, Northern Ireland (london gateway) so English is not much of a problem, the accent might be though.

ign: FleshIntoGear steam:MrPing1000
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IGN: HarroGatesofHell
IGN: HarroGatesofHell
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Hello There, I am looking for a Guild to play in group.
I now have a lvl 67 templar in Talisman, EU server. My knowledge ab the game is average because I stopped playing a couple years ago.
See ya !
IGN: HarroGatesofHell
Hi, im looking to join an active guilde on Talisman SC
I'm currently lv 85, running T7+ Maps when i get some, playing a 2H Cyclone Marauder
I've played PoE in the Close beta, but stopped shortly after, so now, 3 years later, i'm back for Talisman, with a lot of free time (most of it spending checking forums, build, poe.trade, etc)

Your guild seems active, with a healty pool of SC Talsiman player, so i'm applying )

Hoping to be a part of your community )

Ps: I'm french, but fluent in english, written & vocal, minus the accent :p

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