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IGN: HarroGatesofHell
What's up guyz ,

I'm Jowel , 23 years old I lived on quebec, Yes I speak french but my english is ok !

I'm actually level 85 in talisman ( ele cyclone )

I'm kinda begginer in POE , my friend tell me to play. I'm in since 1months , already 2 char lvl 80 in standard and 85 in talisman.

I need to know more things like the patern of atziri's but actually im running t9 map !

Thanks for reading , merci :)
IGN: HarroGatesofHell
IGN: HarroGatesofHell
Hi, name is Bob, Bob Wilson, I feel an unkonwn desperation to join your Guild so for goddness sake invite me!

Ign: Mjoelner_rt

lvl: 87

Playstyle: see name

With best regards

Hello, my name is Tom and I specialize in destorying corruption in Wraeclast.

Currently playing SC Talisman League as Tornado Shot Ranger SC Talisman (lvl 73)

IGN: Bowflexking

Current goals are to complete as many Talisman Challenges as possible during the league, reach lvl 70 in HC Talisman, and complete end-game maps in Talisman League.

I like grouping up with people, very friendly, mature, and am very active (daily).

Please message me <3

Oh yeah. Been playing since Beta, lvl 90 in standard blah blah
IGN: HarroGatesofHell
I played PoE for 2 years now. In Talisman im level 88 right now, and i am aiming for at least 21 challenge. I am online every day for several hours. EU servers.

My ign is: Trollisman
I've played PoE since the first CB so it's been a while. I've mostly played standard up until now (2 lvl 90+ chars and more 80+) when some friends got me into the new HC league. Running a lvl 77 perma stunner in THC now and liking the challenge.

I tend to be online at least a couple of hours a day while I'm active but I also take breaks, after I get burned out, that can last a few months.

EU servers.
IGN: Dewminion

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