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I have played since OB. I play most challenge leagues. My girlfriend and I would like to join a guild to have more people to play/map with. I am currently an 83 arc witch and 70 RF totem templar. My gf is currently a 70 ice shot ranger.

Ign: HelgaMoonshade
IGN: HarroGatesofHell
Hi i've been playing poe for about 1 year now. Mostly play in standard and im sick of playing solo so thats why im looking for a guild to do maps together and socialize. I'm interested in joining you guys so yeah recuit me pls :D
Hello :D my name is Anthrix, I love playing support type characters like arc and mf cullers, I currently am on Talisman softcore as a level 89 flame totem culler with the stats 47iiq/356iir non factoring in distillate and iir gem, I was playing with a couple friends but they stopped playing. my guild past has been just a guild i had with some friends called nosleep we no life the crap out of this game, but they always stop playing wicked early on into the league :/. I can cull anyboss on merci and tested up to t12 maps with the current templar setup (I have a good bit of damage nodes for solo) my goals later on are to try out some wicked badass aura character :D.
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IGN: HarroGatesofHell
IGN: HarroGatesofHell
IGN: HarroGatesofHell
I'd be interested in joining. IGN: SventuraSimona
i play since the closed beta...but not always active!
BTW..i am Simone from Italy...
IGN: HarroGatesofHell
hey guys

would like to join your guild

tornado shot lvl 85
cyclone that just arrived mercyless a4
dont play standard (only talisman sc)
from eu
play since open beta and id like to have some ppl to map or do theorycrafting sessions together.
especially interested in some theorycrafting for the one month league as soon as we know whats it going to be.

hit me up

ign darylsonson
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