Blade Vortex

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If BV is supported by the exact same support gems on all skills (say, CoDT is 0 support, the cast on crit is 0 supports, and the cast on stun is 0 supports) and all blade vortex's are the same level, then even if they're from different gems, it should work. There is no exploit there, just more blade generation.
You are incorrect. The problems with Blade Vortex were not to do with supports, they were to do with using multiple instances of the skill, because each instance hit separately, but all counted your number of blades (which is technically an aspect of the character).

Using two instances of Blade Vortex at the same time dealt twice as much damage as one instance, because each instance dealt damage at the same frequency.

If you were using multiple instance of blade vortex at the same time, you were benefitting from a bug that allowed you to deal much more damage than intended.
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