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Blade Vortex

Please do actual nerf instead of buff like in 2.4. Like, actually cut damage by significant % or at least get rid of this ridiculous 60% more damage. 20 stacks as long as damage is not buffed I think.
Why at 20 stacks the casts can't replace most older blade(s)? And cast is disappear to nowhere...
It's will be fixed? Where is need to post it that developers to noticed the problem? If they are want to limit stacks, then let it work as it should.
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Even after downgrade to 20 stacks, the performance issues with the amount of hits did not disappear at all. Might be better if the mechanic would change that it would be single stack that would increase dmg with every recast
- less hits
- less abuse of on hit mechanics
- harder reflect mitigation without Vaal Pact because of bigger phys hits.
- dmg could go slightly down (-5-10% at lvl 20?), since bigger hits = less mob armor effectiveness
- might not be as faceroll as it is now since there would be increased time between hits = characters would be more vulnerable

General gameplay or gamestyle would not change, but fixing performance problems might increase the popularity even further.

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that video was pretty funny.

if bv was 'balanced' before 2.4 (it was the strong side) why didn't just increase cast time and mana cost by 60% as well...
Márkusz wrote:

this. GGG, please fix things properly. This is kinda ridiculuos.
I saw many suggestions how to nerf Blade Vortex, but in my opinion what makes Blade Vortex broken, that differs from other skills by a lot is charge generation, and that is what should be addressed and not other properties of the skill or items it synergises with.

Blade Vortex generates one (flask or power) charge per each hit per each enemy if the generation condition is met and it relies on hits, unlike any other skill in the game, at least that I know of.

I did tests with 3 skills, Firestorm, Barrage and Blade Vortex, with legacy surgeon flasks and capped crit chance character, so the generation condition is easily guaranteed, and carefully avoiding kills interfering test results. The results of the tests were that Firestorm and Barrage could only generate one charge total per cast/attack, even if it was used on multiple enemies. However Blade Vortex proved to be unusual in 2 aspects, the first, very known is that it generated multiple charges per each hit of the skill against one target, so with a 5 second base duration, with one cast it gave 5 charges total, this is why it sustains flask charges against bosses that well. The other aspect was that in one period (1 second) of one stack of the skill used against multiple targets it gave 1 charge per each enemy hit. Firestorm is a very similar skill in terms of mechanics, like being a duration skill, and generating multiple hits from one cast, yet it can only generate one charge per cast, being very inferior to BV in terms of charge sustain.

If Blade Vortex would be made the same as other skills like Firestorm, It would be balanced for boss fights, as it couldn't sustain flask charges through an entire long fight infinitely.

The easier fixes, like nerfing the damage, even back to the level of the previous patch, reducing critical strike chance, or nerfing synergising items like flasks wouldn't solve the problem of BV being the best possible skill against like any boss in the game, because the problem comes from flasks designed to be temporary effects, especially at bosses, become permanent bonuses, and there couldn't be a magnitude of nerf in damage that wouldn't make Blade Vortex useless otherwise.

I personally consider BV bugged at the moment, and I don't know what is GGG's standpoint on this, so I would really appreciate a small answer from them, answering is this intended or not? If they already answered to this please let met know.

There are multiple builds that don't use BV as main damage source, but heavily rely on it for charge generation, like coc/crit Discharge builds, or Wormblaster, which actually couldn't even exist without BV's mentioned interaction, so knowing that BV will be changed in the future would be nice, because it affects these builds more than a simple usual balance nerf.
IGN: Márkusz
My builds: thread/1600072
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- Make the user bleed while using blade vortex. Or something like righteous fire.
- Less hits , don't get charges for flasks.

Mukadelheid wrote:
- Make the user bleed while using blade vortex. Or something like righteous fire.
- Less hits , don't get charges for flasks.

Make the user dies while casting blade vortex
Make the user taking 200% MORE dmage while casting blade vortex

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if you want to stone worked observing the balance:
the movement of the hero, the use of movement skills, receive damage from any source constantly consuming the current figures for a number of Blade
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