Well, I tried to make Baldefall miner... U know what happens when you detonate 11 mines with bladefall? I drop to 0.2 frames for 2-3 sec, and my friends computer crashed.

Is this gonna be fixed any time soon?
poets pen + bladefall = lagfest
I guess new toned down graphic helps with the lag but man it looks ugly now, just a bunch of low res 2d sword sprites falling down.
I was testing Bladefall as standalone self cast spell. It almost seems to be as the spell is capable of "missing" target.
Is that just a feeling or is that a possibility? Mob moving between the blades.
One of the mobs in the pack survives with 3/4 hp while everything else dies.

Compared to Glacial Cascade, i never had problem with GC in this manner.
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ING: Marxone
Ty for scam <3
can we get the inabilty to auto-target that was introduced to bladefall mines, back when bladefall mine double dipping poison was an issue, reverted?
nowadays there are skill like volatile dead that are seeking...
At the skills that leave the Lingering Blades on the earth, TOO LONG TIME is the appearance of these same Lingering Blades.
Especially with the Bladefall skill.
We have to wait for the end of the fall of ALL volleys and only after the end of the fall after a short delay do the Lingering Blades appear.
I find this a bit too long for Lingering Blades when using Bladefall. The reason for this is my opinion that the game introduced the skills that use these same Lingering Blades, but because of such a long appearance of Lingering Blades, their use is slowed down, which leads to a significant slowdown in the pace of the game.
An example is the skill Blade Blast, the effective use of which is directly related to the emergence of Lingering Blades. But due to the delayed appearance of Lingering Blades, this happens VERY slowly and the edge is not effective.
My suggestion is to correct the moment the Lingering Blades appear when using the spells that leave the Lingering Blades. Say, after the end of the spell / attack pronunciation animation, generate Lingering Blades on the ground, while the spell animation will be performed. And we get that immediately after the caste of the skill we will have Lingering Blades on the ground and we won’t have to wait until the animation of the skill ends.
A similar change in the moment Lingering Blades appears is also necessary for the correct operation of the Bladefall + Spellslinger + BladeBlast, poet's pen with bladefall + bladeblast or other similar bundles that allow you to use the spell queue.

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