I've been recently running a "Proof of concept" Animated Guardian + Death's Oath, and I'm starting to wonder if Wither actually works with the unique armour's Chaos Degen.

I was looking at the small totem in A4, in Kaom's area. Death's Oath applies a purple burning effect to the targets affected by its aura; I was not able to notice any difference with and without Wither.

Since Death's Oath is Degen, and not Hit nor Damage over Time, and Wither is "Increased chalos damage taken", I would expect it to work on Death's Oath aura, but I don't know for sure.

Can you confirm that Wither should work with Death's Oath aura, and that it's currently working as intended?
It should work just fine. It still won't deal any decent amount of Damage, the most you can get is 1080 Damage per Second, and that's assuming you can max out Wither stacks. Which you cannot.

Each stack of Wither counts down individually. Your setup has only 27% Increased Duration, and below 50% Increased Cast Speed. You cast some 5.5 times per second, and Wither lasts 2.54 seconds. The best you can get is 13 stacks, and that is after channeling for 2.5 seconds. That grants a total of 91% Increased Chaos Damage Taken, boosting Death's Oath to 860 Damage per Second.
(Vuln pushes it to 990 at max stacks)

If you really want to know for certain, you could run trials. Kill an enemy with only the aura, and kill it with the aura and a lot of Wither stacks. Keep track of your time.

(Death's Oath is degen, which means it is Damage over Time...)
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I was thinking about testing that in PVP with a friend; I just need to get my hands on a Death's Oath and a friend with a bit of time to help me test that.

But that would only give me the result in a Player worn Death's Oath context. I don't see any reason for it to be different, but my question revolves around the interaction with a Death's Oath worn by the Animated Guardian. It's a bit trickier to test as the Guardian runs around and punches things.

I can probably find a setup to test the result of the degen with and without wither with the Guardian though.

Anyway, Thanks for the detailed reply. Much appreciated.
The Guardian doesn't change anything about how this works - it's always a Damage aura cast by the item Death's Oath. That's also why Damage multipliers don't apply: it's cast by the item, not by the wielder.

And, you're welcome :) I try my best!
Has wither been fixed for 2.2? I don't see any mention of wither in the patch notes. If you don't know what I'm talking about see Zrevnur's post.

edit: reported as fixed by player at https://www.reddit.com/r/pathofexile/comments/48zhc0/wither_is_fixed/
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Is there any chance that Wither could get a small on hit damage or would this be too problematic balancing wise?

This would open up endless possibilities with Blind and curse on hit effects and finally give the proverbial Essence Drain caster a good option to deal with destructibles like vases etc.

Obviously, it would need a very low amount of damage and a low damage effectiveness to avoid abusing it with Added Chaos and Poison support.
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I am a lvl 93 Champion Ess Drain/Contagion Tank. https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1766555

I would really like to see the duration of Wither increased by 300% so that it can stack better. It's barely useful/viable when linked with a spell totem, faster casting, and increased duration. That's a lot of investment for such little benefit, and I can't use my totem resist gem.
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It easily hits the stack cap with just FC + Duration :/ Note that the duration refreshes.
If you had Anger, would wither be doing fire damage?
Noobiyus wrote:
If you had Anger, would wither be doing fire damage?

No need to double-post.

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