My FPS goes from ~160 to ~50 while channelling wither on an AMD 7870. Anyone else experience lag with this gem?
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I am a lvl 93 Champion Ess Drain/Contagion Tank.


I would really like to see Wither get some love by getting a special jewel/gem made that increases the amount of aoe or stacks it gives your character. I use Wither on a caster tank character I created, and it's a really neat concept, I would love to flesh it out a bit and make Wither into a true caster gem, but to do that, it would require a unique jewel/gem that synergizes with Wither, Contagion, and Essence Drain.
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How the Wither in Totems works on one target when there are 2 Wither Totems summoned from on player?
Why isn't wither a totem spell?
paraspam wrote:
Why isn't wither a totem spell?

Because you can hardcast it and utilise CWC 'n such. Just because you only use it on a Totem, doesn't mean it has to always be a Totem skill. :/
Wither + Cast while Channeling + Contagion + Temporal Chain is a pretty awesome combo for an Essence Drain character.
I'm running a contagion trapper with essence drain. Had the idea to move despair to blasphemy and put wither on a totem with faster cast support. But I'm not seeing any effect from wither at all, on regular mobs or bosses. No change to movement speed, no change to rate of damage over time. Am I missing something?
Can someone explain me how spreading rot had a balancing issue but wither didnt? It almost doubles the dps on every chaos build.

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