my opinion: needs more aoe or less reservation cost
Bring it back down to 25% or you might as well just remove it completely.

At 25% it had potential, at 35% it goes from "managable to incorporate into a build" to "too high of an opportunity cost". I'm using it now, and with only a herald and enfeeble aura it already wrecks my mana pool. Note that this is WITH 14% reduced mana reservation passives.

I'm not sure who did the last minute change to destroy this support gem, but come on. It was perfectly balanced at 25%.
yeah its crap atm. should be 25%. when you are dual cursing thats 70% and your done. manual cursing is way better atm
Blasphemy has been a fun addition to the game! Thank you doedre, and designers :D. But I think there are lots of things about blasphemy that can be improved.

I think blasphemy is in a tough spot right now...

It's strong but in a way that is bad though:
Because it is almost free for certain builds, yet for aura heavy builds, it really becomes a struggle to choose your reservations, or even make use of curses in comparison.

I wish there were other ways to use blasphemy, such as scaling the radius (multiplicative, < 1) with reservation, but for some curses you definitely want a huge radius and curse every mob on screen at a time, and for other melee characters they only care about a certain radius such as when using warlords mark or vulnerability.

I think overall blasphemy has increased build options a lot though because it is like the most expensive and most consistent curse, especially with warlords mark (but again, for some builds it is not expensive at all while for others it is very expensive, which is a problem). One of the best parts of blasphemy is it gives other ways to adapt your character, like warlord or poachers mark blasphemy swap for reflect maps and another additional reservation for curse immune maps. Though I think blasphemy should be a white gem because of this :) (probably a far-away dream though T_T, the white gem status is too high above)

I think overall compared to other methods of cursing:
A curse on hit is the worst designed outside of dedicated curse support builds, simply because characters with high attack and cast speeds gain too much benefit for no reason this due to not needing to sink any time into cursing (attacking, casting, or even worse linked to stuff like heralds).

A cwdt can have the largest range but has smallest radius and often occurs late or not at all if you have to dodge.

Blasphemy is very consistent but only at high levels, but some creatures still offscreen you and are out of range. I would like to see the Curse passives increase radius by much more maybe even multiplicitavely, as a blasphemed curse by a high level character easily hits +150% increased radius, and the 20% on Hex Master grants very marginal increase... in fact leadership is a stronger node in that aspect. Blasphemy is better than manual cursing in almost every aspect, the only strict exception is line of sight, and secondly range is slightly better when manual cursing.


One thing I don't like is that this increases power of reduced reservation items more and tree reservation nodes had been weakened even more without scaling items, and in fact introduced another item (skyforth, and I won't even mention about how this shifts the nature of reservation heavy builds further), by increasing the value of mana reservation space. Another thing is because a curse is often regarded as a support type thing, the other type of support is typically aura supports, which points to this problem even more.

I would also agree with a reduction in reservation because this reduces the demands for reservation space overall, despite blasphemy being powerful.

An additional small benefit of blasphemy is that, forcing a toggle type skill, you can free up those hotkey slots which we are in serious need of more! (please T_T)

Also I think these types of support gems really bring too much value to sockets! Facebreakers are needlessly punished for having less sockets!
Remove it from the game, or double the manaCost.

Blasphemy is the most broken Gem in the entire game.

blasphemy + temp chain + enfeble, and you have a team that cant die. it doesnt belong to the game, it is taking away the fun of cooperating with your partymembers.

for not talk about PvP. blasphemy + temp chain, and ur ranged pvp toon cant be touch be any low-ranged chars. if u bring one curse remove u have a total of 10-12 sec with no curses. still doesnt make up for the opness ranged toons get.

are curse cast by Blasphemy considered curses or auras?
Both. 'Increased Radius of Auras' and 'Increased Curse Radius' both apply, for example.

the wording in scion ascendency class for occultist reads: "Enemies you curse have -15% chaos resistance" - is it the same as "cursed enemies ..." or do you have to ACTIVLY curse them. So does it work with blasphemy or not?

No where in the wiki does it specify the 35% mana reservation. Not on curse wiki. Not on the aura wiki. Not on the gem wiki.
What's the deal with "Increased Radius of Aura Skill"? Every thing I read says it works with Blasphemy, but I picked up the Leadership node for 30% increased radius, and with a stationary target nearby it seemed to make no difference at all.

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