Path Of Exile 90lvl Build Poison Assassin Shadow 2.1.0

Hello,theres my main character 90level Shadow build in 2.1.0 Patch.
90 level Dual Strike Poison Shadow build goes up to 100exalted orbs price but can be played with unlegacy and cheap items.
Its able to do all maps (Wasn't trying Ubber Atziri) all ressistances are maxed at (75%) almost 5k life (4,8k) and 32% chance to evade attacks without Grace aura (with Grace 48%) also 40% chance to dodge attacks and 46% chance to dodge spells.
We are going to do around 40k dps unbuffed (around 100k+ with all frenzy charges + power charges) and 7attacks per second with Blood Rage (Without frenzy charges)
We are going to poison our enemies with every hit, also Bino's Kitchen Knife passive ,,On Killing Poisoned Enemy Nearby Enemies Are Poisoned" + ,,On Killing Poisoned Enemy Nearby Allies Regenerate Life" Thats really good becouse we are going to poison all the time dealing a lot of damage and regenerating a lot of health quickly!! Dont forget about 30% increased Damage over Time from one Bino !!

Video and Description

Equip and Gems:

Skill Tree:

Pros and Cons
Funny to play
Nice life
Nice Ressistances
Pretty good damage
Mana isn't an issue
Wont get one shooted

Need a lot of currencies
Reflect is killing you almost instantly

Bandit Quest:
Bandit Quest: Normal:OAK +40HP / Cruel:KRAITYN +8% Attack speed / Merciless:Kill All +1Passive Point

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I have been doing this build on Talisman been an interesting build.

Still need to get my Bino's.

My current Gear:

Capped all my RES. With blood rage, Frenzy/power charges up getting about 17kdps.
Doing it slightly different.

Have blasphmey with assassin's mark.
Not going acrobatics instead will go iron reflexes.
Also using snake bites instead of maligaro's
With Bino's going for 1.5ex to 3ex it may take me awhile to get them. Got 2 on standard I can use eventually.

Due to the blaspmey+assassin's mark can only run vaal haste no vaal grace or Grace. As I can only run HoA+AM.

And no legacy BoR (a mate has one on standard I might be able use when the league ends)

Having fun mapping now and dried lake is a breeze starting to lvl quite nicely. Currently lvl 74.

Thx for your build given me loads of ideas.

Thanks a lot OpenAllHours i really appreciate that :D
Meryy Christmas everyone! :D
Would the Abyss helm work for this build? And then go for an Eva/arm chest?

Since I am going Iron reflexes (one node away) my try it out see how it rolls.

You mean Abyssus? yeah i think it can work, also iron reflexes but than u have to remove dodge nodes, but still remember u will take a lot more damage becouse of Abyssus :D
You mean Abyssus? yeah i think it can work, also iron reflexes but than u have to remove dodge nodes, but still remember u will take a lot more damage becouse of Abyssus :D

Yup will make sure the dodge nodes have been removed I didn't take acrobatics.

I am well aware of the downside of abyss us helm...

I might go with a cast when stunned set up blade vortex+life leech+poison
As I will have a spare 4 link.

In the helm it will most likely end up being CWDT+immortal call+increased duration+blood rage.

How does the power charge on crit work with your blood rage set up?
In your dagger you have blood rage+PCOC+BM.


I have linked Cast When Damage Taken with Assassin's Mark, so if i get enough damage instantly casting Assassin's mark thats giving me chance to get power charge when i kill enemy :D
With the mainhand setup Power charge on crit Blood Rage and Blood Magic is random, well i still can change it to be more viable like Blood Rage + Increased Duration or smth :D
Hi, how do you get your mana up on hits?:) i dont see anything in your gear
I have mana leech node as u can see in skill tree:
Hi dude! nice build and guide!
i have 2 questions...

1) What about the jewels? whic stats are you using on jewels?

2) i no see your body armor in the items you post on this guide. can maybe you link your armor? and what skill gems are in it?
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