Path Of Exile 90lvl Build Poison Assassin Shadow 2.1.0

WolFPaiN wrote:
Hi dude! nice build and guide!
i have 2 questions...

1) What about the jewels? whic stats are you using on jewels?

2) i no see your body armor in the items you post on this guide. can maybe you link your armor? and what skill gems are in it?

He is using Bringer of rain so the chest isn't active. (Eg can not use chest when using BoR)
Most likely he has a chest on with gems in it so he can level them.

My current gear. Which is different from OP. As I am going Iron Reflexes and not using BoR.


Will try and get a 6L chest and add in faster attacks. Also I have a new CWDT set up with contagion which is working nicely. Saving up for second Bino and heading to Dirty tactics nodes for more DoT nodes.

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Best jewels are one with (Phys damage + Life, or Some Dagger damage + Life, can be also DoT + Life if u like )

Im using BoR as openallhours said so i cant use armor Im only using it to have a cool look :D
nice build mate. Is my 1st char on PoE. I followed this and while it was quite hard to lvl since I had no items, now it started to look decent. I still need helm, 1 ring and belt. I got 15k dps at lvl 70 without them. I look forward to finish it.

I think it would nice to have a chart of how different mods affect dmg, and what to prioritize.
for ex how would compare 10 more psih dmg vs 10% global crit, life vs evasion and so on.

Also I'm trying to understand why are you using that blade vortex. it doesnt seem to stack more than 1-2 times and at 60dps.. maybe I'm missing something?
Also you use 2 blood magic gems. isn't better to have crit/dmg gems?
how do you reach such high res from 2 rings and belt?

Just some thoughts. Other than that I like it. The only negative part i found is that on open maps it takes longer to clear than a range hero. Especially if the mobs are range and don't follow you.

E: few more pasive skills and helm.. 20k dps. quite a game changer.
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Well if you take a lot damage, Blade vortex stacks a lot so it can deal pretty nice damage, but ofc if you got better idea you can change it, I have hgh ressis on amulet rings and belt its almost all maxed so :D i also have some in jewels to have maxed all you can go on my fanpage and ask there
@OP By chance could you update your current build as of 3.0. I love this build but I was wondering if you had made any changes since the update. I would appreciate the update forum and even an update for the passive tree. Thnx!

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